What We Do

We are government affairs practitioners.

We help our clients shape the public policy environment at the state and local level of government.

We work closely alongside of our clients, coordinating their advocacy efforts and issue campaigns; providing them with accurate and timely legislative and regulatory intelligence; engaging Groups of state and local officials; developing relationship-building and brand-raising plans; and identifying the right lobbyists and other professionals who walk the halls of the state capitols.

Our Services

When success means everything, Stateside combines the core services of advocacy experience, strategy development, intelligence and execution.

We help our clients shape the state and local public policy environment by knowing what is happening, who is involved and what tools are needed to influence the process.

Our rich network of relationships enables us to call upon the best advocates in state and local government and leverage our access to public policy officials, key staff and other critical decision-makers unlike any other firm.

We also help our clients sell products and services to state and local governments, build key relationships and better understand the regulatory environment.

Through personalized understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives, our experienced consultants are able to strategize, execute and evaluate results surrounding an array of legislative, regulatory and other policy issues.

Our Team

Our professionals are what separate us from the others.  

Our team is a group of seasoned state and local government affairs professionals and advocates.  Our advocacy and information offerings are supported by research professionals who have served in state legislatures and attorneys with administrative law and agency experience. 

Issue Management

We actually practice state government affairs, in addition to supporting our clients’ programs in the state capitals and at the local level of government. 

We are experts at helping government affairs programs manage the diverse challenges at the state and local level of government.  We help our clients succeed by incorporating attributes such as sound advocacy planning, targeting the appropriate audiences and markets, developing champions, message development, communications, relationship-building, adding value to the organization and benchmarking. 

Information Offerings

Stateside develops and delivers unmatched legislative and regulatory monitoring services for issue managers.

And, our information – unlike all other firms – provides clients with the critical element missing from the algorithmic or key-word approach to tracking: perspective. The Stateside approach, in-house professionals, methodologies, delivery options and unmatched staff support are all aligned with the needs and expectations of state and local government affairs managers.

Additionally, we offer all manner of research support about state and local issues, process and politics for our clients’ programs.  All of the research projects – from the quick turn to the comprehensive – are prepared by the same teams of professionals who perform the legislative and regulatory monitoring

Lobbyist Referrals

Selecting the right contract lobbyist is one of the most important decisions anyone engaging in state or local government affairs will make.  Providing our clients with qualified lobbyist referrals has been at the core of our business since our inception. 

Our policy is client first. We work with our clients to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in the business we engage. That is our guarantee.