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State Government Issue Management and Advocacy Consulting. The intersection of government and business creates opportunities and threats that may not always be clearly visible.

We help our clients build, manage and sustain effective state and local government affairs programs. Stateside’s approach is to be the most knowledgeable about our clients’ emerging government issues and issue management needs, as well as being hands-on and creative in developing unique solutions.

We recognize the considerable challenges of simultaneously managing legislative and regulatory issues across multiple jurisdictions. Our state government consulting features unrivaled professional bench strength, experience, process expertise and relationships with both public officials and private sector advocates. With this vast network of resources, Stateside is able to effectively execute on behalf of its clients.

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  • State Government Relations Program Development - Stateside helps your organization establish an effective relationship with both state and local governmental institutions. Our team will represent your interests, provide you with knowledge concerning key legislative developments that can impact your operations, reach government bodies and officials with high-targeted messages.
  • Advocacy ConsultingAdvocacy campaigns are some of the most effective ways for the organization to engage both lawmakers and the general public. Thanks to our advocacy consulting services, you will be empowered to build highly targeted campaigns that allow you to raise awareness on the issues you want and generate the change you need.
  • Coalition Building We will assist you in identifying the key players who share your goals to establish a strong coalition that can streamline your efforts even further. Coalitions involve bridging together several organizations, groups, or businesses as a way to share responsibility and combine efforts to work towards a common goal.
  • Grassroots and Grasstops CapabilitiesGrasstops involve mobilizing key individuals with connections to the decision-makers, while grassroots involve mobilizing regular citizens with an interest in the goal you’re trying to achieve. The Stateside team can help you organize both types of activities.

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