Legislative Monitoring

Excellent information and perspective is at the heart of any successful State and Local Government Affairs Program.

Stateside information – unlike other firms – provides clients with the critical elements missing from all other state legislative tracking services: insight and perspective.  Anything less is a handicap. The Stateside approach, in-house professionals, exceptional delivery options and unmatched staff support are all aligned with the needs and expectations of state and local government affairs managers.

Stateside’s Approach

Stateside delivers its clients Legislative Monitoring. 

We are not a search engine or a data aggregator – we are a professional-focused government affairs firm providing monitoring designed to support issue management activities.  Our team of professionals perform all of the monitoring for our clients and provide nearly unlimited follow-up.

Four distinct legislative monitoring teams – each covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia and selected U.S. territories and a discrete group of issues – provide legislative monitoring information to clients about bill introductions, amendments, floor proceedings, interim committees and other legislative actions.

Our professionals receive extensive training about clients, client issues and the states they monitor. Prospects for the passage of pending bills and emerging issues are assessed via on-going contact with state legislators, legislative staff, governors’ staff, executive branch officials, industry association staffs and local issue experts. We also review all introductions lists, chamber journals and committee notices on a daily basis.  The insight our clients gain from this process helps them align resources with real threats and opportunities.

Effective state legislative monitoring requires issue knowledge, state knowledge and client knowledge. At Stateside, issue expertise, state expertise, client knowledge and robust use of many information resources are hallmarks of the legislative monitoring service.

Screenshots of desktop and mobile StateLink


Our new StateLink Monitoring Platform features a more personalized monitoring experience:

  • Let’s Get Personal. Customized portal access, personalized legislative and regulatory searches, customized monitoring reports, maps, personal priority flags, annotations and categorization for bills, regulatory actions and more.
  • Manage Your Contacts And Meetings. New tools enable you to track and manage your contacts, chronicle meetings with officials and staff, integrate your personal resources into our portal, along with access to state and federal legislative, regulatory and executive contact information.
  • Same Expert Support, Only Better. Customized reporting prepared by Stateside Professionals who know your issues and are available for nearly unlimited follow-up and research.
  • We’re On Your Clock. Now customize your own alert delivery: ASAP, hourly, daily or weekly. Additionally, our new calendar highlights critical state legislative and regulatory actions, dates, milestones and state and local Groups’ events.
  • With You On The Road. Take your monitoring beyond the office. Our new, enhanced Mobile App goes on the road with you, enabling you access to all of your monitoring reports, priority issues, session and administrative dates, election reports and more.
  • See the Bigger Picture. Now, ALL introduced legislation is available for review through the portal.