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Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery will hold a public hearing and accept comments until February 19 regarding proposed stewardship rules for covered pharmaceuticals and sharps waste. Contact Melissa Martin


The Department of Children and Family Services will accept comments until February 21 regarding proposed amendments to a rule concerning medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders. Contact Becky Lukaesko


The Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee will hold a public hearing February 19 regarding HB 1207, which mandates that a state employee plan, health maintenance organization, insurer or pharmacy benefits manager may not require a pharmacy or pharmacist to collect a higher copayment for a prescription drug from a covered individual than the health plan provider allows the pharmacy or pharmacist to retain. Contact Chris Miller


The Office of Public Health will accept comments until February 24 regarding proposed amendments to rules governing the State Immunization Network, specifically mandatory immunization reporting requirements. Contact Meghan Monahan


The Joint Committee on Health Coverage will hold a work session February 20 regarding LD 30, which enacts policies designed to improve the State's capacity to better analyze and use data regarding health care utilization and health care quality to serve and inform the State's health care system. Contact Amelia Allert  


The Senate Committee on Finance will hold a public hearing February 21 regarding SB 245, which eliminates cost-sharing requirements in health insurance plans for primary care services. Contact Megan Friebe


There are no groups events to report. 

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