This Week in Health Care

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Assembly Business and Professions Committee will hold a public hearing May 21 regarding AB 2983, which changes refill requirements, specifically adding Section 4063.5 to the Business and Professions Code to prohibit a pharmacy from automatically contacting a prescriber to authorize a prescription for any dangerous drug or device to be refilled for more than a 7-day supply unless the prescriber or patient has expressly authorized the pharmacy to automatically contact the prescriber to refill that prescription. Contact Chris Miller


The Department of Medicaid Services will hold a public hearing May 26 regarding adopted emergency amendments, and proposed permanent amendments, which would update Medicaid recipient cost-sharing requirements, specifically with regard to managed care organizations. Contact Meghan Monahan


The Executive Office of Health and Human Services will hold a teleconferenced hearing and accept comments until May 22 regarding proposed amendments which would update rates for home and community-based services waivers. Contact Meghan Monahan


The House Education Committee will hold a public hearing May 22 regarding SB 233, which directs the Board of Medical Practice to establish an endorsement process for physicians with out-of-state licenses that requires not more than three years of practice in good standing in another jurisdiction, regardless of whether that jurisdiction has licensing requirements substantially similar to those of the State. Contact Megan Friebe


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