This Week in Health Care

Every Thursday, Stateside Associates selects health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee will hold a hearing on May 6 regarding Ohio HB 6 which would authorize pharmacists and podiatrists to administer the COVID-19 vaccine and waives requirements for nurses during the peacetime emergency.
Contact: Ryann Woods



The Joint Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing on May 6 regarding Maine LD 333 which would make changes to the provisions governing health insurance coverage of telehealth services.
Contact: Ryann Woods



The Assembly Health and Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on May 7 regarding Nevada SB 5 which would amend Nevada Revised Statutes to establish a data dashboard containing information on access to telehealth and prohibit payers from denying coverage for telehealth services.
Contact: Megan Friebe



The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services proposed amendments which would update the rule governing Medicaid coverage for chronic maintenance dialysis treatments and home dialysis supplies. A public hearing is scheduled for May 7 and comments are due the day of the hearing.
Contact: Meghan Monahan



The New Jersey State Board of Dentistry proposed new rules related to Telemedicine and Tele-dentistry in New Jersey. The rules impact dental professionals including dentists and dental hygienists. Comments are due by May 14. A hearing has not been scheduled.
Contact. Radha Inguva


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