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Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hold a public hearing January 23 regarding AB 648, which requires a health care service plan to limit its collection, dissemination, retention and use of any personal information of an enrollee or member to only information that is reasonably necessary to operate the wellness program. Contact Chris Miller


The Department of Public Health and Environment will hold a public hearing January 24 and accept comments until January 25 regarding an adopted emergency rule and proposed a permanent rule which requires hospitals and health facilities to develop and provide disclosure policies to inform patients about out-of-network costs. Contact Meghan Monahan


The Division of Health Care Finance will accept comments until January 27 regarding a proposed amendment to the Medicaid state plan which would update rehabilitation reimbursement rates. Contact Meghan Monahan


The Senate Committee on Finance will hold a public hearing January 24 regarding SB 296, which requires that health insurance or other health benefit plan offered by an insurer or pharmacy benefits manager must limit the beneficiary's total out-of-pocket responsibility for prescription insulin drugs at one hundred dollars per thirty-day supply, regardless of the amount or type of insulin needed. Contact Chenelle Hammonds


The House Committee on Appropriations will hold a public hearing January 24 regarding HB 2584, which requires that behavioral health medicaid rate increases be grounded with the rate-setting process for the provider type or practice setting. Contact Amelia Allert


There are no groups events to report. 

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