State Board of Pharmacy Executives

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State Agency Name Phone Email Address
Alabama Board of Pharmacy Donna Yeatman, Executive Secretary (205) 981-2280
Alaska Board of Pharmacy Laura Carrillo, Executive Administrator (907) 465-2550 BoardOfPharmacy@Alaska.Gov
Arizona Board of Pharmacy Kamlesh Ghandi, Executive Director (602) 771-2727
Arkansas Board of Pharmacy John C. Kirtley, Executive Director (501) 682-0190
California Board of Pharmacy Anne Sodergren, Interim Executive Officer (916) 518-3100
Colorado Board of Pharmacy Dmitry Kunin, Program Director (303) 894-7800
Connecticut Commission of Pharmacy Heather Hoynes, Board Administrator (860) 713-6070
Delaware Division of Professional Regulation Sarah H. Soik, Executive Secretary (302) 744-4500
District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy Shauna White, Executive Director (202) 724-8800
Florida Board of Pharmacy Jessica Sapp, Executive Director (850) 245-4474
Georgia State Board of Pharmacy Eric Lacefield, Executive Director (404) 651-8000
Hawaii Licensing Department: Pharmacy and Pharmacist Lee Ann Teshima, Executive Officer (808) 586-2695
Idaho Board of Pharmacy Nicole Chopski, Executive Director (208) 334-2356
Illinois Financial & Professional Regulation Robert Gerton, Pharmacy Board Liaison (800) 560-6420
Indiana Board of Pharmacy Laura Turner, Director (317) 234-2067
Iowa Board of Pharmacy Andrew Funk, Executive Director (515) 281-5944
Kansas Board of Pharmacy Alexandra Blasi, Executive Secretary (785) 296-4056
Kentucky Board of Pharmacy Larry Hadley, Executive Director (502) 564-7910
Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Malcolm Broussard, Executive Director (225) 925-6496
Maine Office of Licensing and Regulation Geraldine Betts, Board Administrator (207) 624-8686
Maryland Board of Pharmacy Deena Speights-Napata, Executive Director (410) 764-4755
Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy David Sencabaugh, Executive Director (617) 973-0800
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Vacant (517) 241-0199
Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Cody C. Wiberg, Executive Director (651) 201-2825
Mississippi Board of Pharmacy Susan B. McCoy, Executive Director (601) 899-8880
Missouri Board of Pharmacy Kimberly Grinston, Executive Director (573) 751-0091
Montana Board of Pharmacy Marcie Bough, Executive Director (406) 841-2371
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Jesse Cushman, Administrator (402) 471-2118
Nevada Board of Pharmacy Dave Wuest, Executive Secretary (775) 850-1440
New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy Vacant (603) 271-2350
New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Anthony Rubinaccio, Executive Director (973) 504-6450
New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Cheranne McCracken, Executive Director (505) 222-9830
New York Board of Pharmacy Dina Jazrawi, Executive Secretary (518) 474-3817 x130
North Carolina Board of Pharmacy Jack "Jay" Campbell, Executive Director (919) 246-1050
North Dakota Board of Pharmacy Mark Hardy, Executive Director (701) 328-9535
Ohio Board of Pharmacy Steven Schierholt, Executive Director (614) 466-4143
Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Marty Lee Hendrick, Executive Director (405) 521-3815
Oregon Board of Pharmacy Joseph Schnabel, Executive Director (971) 673-0001
Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy Melanie Zimmerman, Executive Secretary (717) 783-7156
Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy Peter Ragosta, Chief Administrative Officer (401) 222-2840
South Carolina Board of Pharmacy Traci Collier, Administrator (803) 896-4700
South Dakota Board of Pharmacy Kari Shanard-Koenders, Executive Director (605) 362-2737
Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Reginald Dillard, Executive Director (615) 741-2718
Texas Board of Pharmacy Allison Vordenbaumen Benz, Executive Director (512) 305-8000
Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Jennifer Falkenrath, Bureau Manager (801) 530-6628
Vermont Board of Pharmacy Carrie Phillips, Executive Officer (802) 828-2373
Virginia Board of Pharmacy Caroline Juran, Executive Director (804) 367-4456
Washington Board of Pharmacy Lauren Lyles-Stolz, Executive Director (360) 236-4946
West Virginia Board of Pharmacy Michael L. Goff, Executive Director (304) 558-0558
Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board Christine Poleski, Executive Director (608) 266-2112
Wyoming Board of Pharmacy Matt Martineau, Executive Director (307) 634-9636