Regulatory Monitoring

The Rulemaking Process

The state and federal regulatory arena is very complex and requires expertise in both the subject matter and regulatory processes in order to monitor it effectively. State regulatory monitoring and tracking provides crucial early notification about the rulemaking process and engagement milestones. This is often out of the reach of search engines and algorithms, and can only be accomplished by direct discussion with regulators and other agency officials. 

For state regulatory tracking and monitoring to be done effectively, this research must be done firsthand.  

By employing attorneys with administrative law and agency credentials – and dedicating their focus exclusively to this unique area of the law – Stateside’s regulatory monitoring is capable of producing highly-customized and detailed accounts of emerging regulatory actions, rulemaking proceedings, agency guidance and policy as it impacts our clients.  

Stateside has over two decades of regulatory tracking experience monitoring state, local and federal rulemakings and regulatory proceedings. We monitor regulatory actions from the earliest stages of departmental discussion to rule promulgation, reviewing enabling statutes, advance notice of rulemakings, preliminary proposals, stakeholder input, hearing and public comment notices, draft rules, and all register notices. Our regulatory professionals then create client-customized and detailed summaries of relevant statutes, regulations, agency guidance and enforcement practices as they impact our clients’ issues.  

Stateside offers two levels of state regulatory monitoring coverage to suit your needs. Ready to get started? Let us find a solution to meet your needs!

Regulatory Forecasting: Identify Rulemaking Before Formal Publication

Our Regulatory Forecasting service provides clients with early-stage customized alerts of emerging state and local regulatory activity.  The Regulatory Forecasting process begins by alerting clients to regulatory initiatives when they are in the discussion phase, prior to formal publication in a state register or website and the monitoring continues to final rule promulgation and implementation. Once identified, each issue is actively monitored until the rule or guidance is published as final and effective.

Similar to our Legislative Monitoring offerings, our Regulatory Counsel receives extensive training about clients, client issues and the states they monitor.  They have the experience to understand how regulatory activity will impact our clients, how the process will unfold and where our clients will have an opportunity to influence the process.  And we make our Regulatory Counsel available to our clients for nearly unlimited follow-up.

Regulation Alert: From Register to Final Rulemaking

Stateside’s Regulation Alert state regulatory monitoring service provides clients with regulatory alerts when a rulemaking first appears in a state register (or equivalent publication).  Rulemakings are then monitored and tracked until final rule promulgation and regulation implementation.


Our StateLink Monitoring Platform features a more personalized monitoring experience:

  • Let’s Get Personal. Customized portal access, personalized legislative and regulatory searches, customized monitoring reports, maps, personal priority flags, annotations and categorization for bills, regulatory actions and more.
  • Manage Your Contacts And Meetings. New tools enable you to track and manage your contacts, chronicle meetings with officials and staff, integrate your personal resources into our portal, along with access to state and federal legislative, regulatory and executive contact information.
  • Same Expert Support, Only Better. Customized reporting prepared by Stateside Professionals who know your issues and are available for nearly unlimited follow-up and research.
  • We’re On Your Clock. Now customize your own alert delivery: ASAP, hourly, daily or weekly. Additionally, our new calendar highlights critical state legislative and regulatory actions, dates, milestones and state and local Groups’ events.
  • With You On The Road. Take your monitoring beyond the office. Our new, enhanced Mobile App goes on the road with you, enabling you access to all of your monitoring reports, priority issues, session and administrative dates, election reports and more.
  • See the Bigger Picture. Now, ALL introduced legislation is available for review through the portal.

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