Compliance and Policy Research

Compiling, summarizing and updating laws and regulations – both state and local – can be a major undertaking. 

Whether the need is a better understanding of state or local law, the regulatory framework, a compliance matter or the policy or statutory requirements of a discrete issue, or many issues in multiple jurisdictions, we can help. Stateside has been providing our clients with client-customized summaries of state, local and federal government laws, regulations and compliance and guidance documents for nearly 20 years. 

We employ only attorneys with regulatory agency credentials and experience – our Regulatory Counsel – to perform this work and dedicate their research to these very specific issue areas. The information gathered for these tailored research projects is obtained from interviews with appropriate agency and department staff and legislative and regulatory officials but also from direct review of relevant code, regulation, statute and policies sections and any other relevant department documents that speak to the issues being researched.

As such, we are able to produce highly customized, detailed reports about regulatory activities, statutory requirements and agency programs and policies. The variety of issues we have profiled over the last two decades for clients ranges from environmental, energy and healthcare to all manner of business requirements, telecommunications, food safety and state and local tax issues.