Lobbyist Referrals

Wondering how to hire a lobbyist? Stateside makes qualified state and local lobbyist referrals at no charge to our clients.

Since our inception, connecting our clients with the right state and local lobbyists or lobbying services has been a core mission of our firm.

Lobbyists have different strengths and talents. For each client engagement, Stateside takes a fresh look at each firm in our network to evaluate their current lobbying services capabilities, capacity, experience, style, registered (and unregistered) clients, social media profile and ethics compliance record. Conflicts are checked and cleared before a recommendation is provided to the client.

We are not lobbyist brokers. There is never any commission, fee-splitting or other compensation to Stateside from the lobbyists we refer, nor do we mark-up their lobbying services fees on the occasion they are billed through us. We operate in a fully transparent manner with respect to all lobbyist and client relationships.

Our large network of state and local lobbyists around the country enables us to quickly and expertly identify and refer the right lobbyist for an engagement, whether for long-term representation or to respond to a quickly developing crisis. If you are looking to hire a lobbyist to support your advocacy efforts, we are here to help. Let Stateside refer you to a lobbyist expertly matched to your needs. Contact us today!