2024 Local Elections


Many of the country's most populated municipalities will hold regularly scheduled elections throughout 2024. Below are selected mayoral races and local measures that have qualified for the ballot.

2024 Selected Mayoral Races
"Muncipality State" Election Date Pre-Election Mayoral Partisan Affiliation Winner & Post-Election Mayoral Partisan Affiliation
Bridgeport, CT 2/27/2024 Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim (D) (Inc.)
San Jose, CA 3/5/2024 Democratic Mayor Matt Mahan (D) (Inc.)
Clearwater, FL 3/12/2024 Republican Bruce Rector (R)
Fresno, CA 3/12/2024 Republican Mayor Jerry Dyer (R) (Inc.)
Tempe, AZ 3/12/2024 Democratic Mayor Corey Woods (D) (Inc.)
Pasadena, CA 3/19/2024 Democratic Mayor Victor Gordo (D) (Inc.)
Pembroke Pines, FL 3/19/2024 Non Partisan Angelo Castillo
Kenosha, WI 4/2/2024 Democratic David Bogdala
Milwaukee, WI 4/2/2024 Democratic Cavalier Johnson (D)
Lancaster, CA 4/16/2024 Republican
Glendale, CA 4/23/2024 Non Partisan
Denton, TX 5/4/2024 Non Partisan
Killeen, TX 5/4/2024 Non Partisan
Lewisville, TX 5/4/2024 Non Partisan
Lubbock, TX 5/4/2024 Independent
Sugar Land, TX 5/4/2024 Republican
Tyler, TX 5/4/2024 Republican
Waco, TX 5/4/2024 Republican
Beaverton, OR 5/7/2024 Democratic
Portland, OR 5/7/2024 Independent
Anchorage, AK 5/14/2024 Republican
Chesapeake, VA 5/14/2024 Republican
Salem, OR 5/14/2024 Democratic
Hampton, VA 5/21/2024 Democratic
Norfolk, VA 5/21/2024 Independent
Macon, GA 6/4/2024 Non Partisan
Sacramento, CA 6/4/2024 Democratic
Las Vegas, NV 6/11/2024 Independent
Glendale, AZ 8/6/2024 Republican
Hilo, HI 8/6/2024 Independent
Honolulu, HI 8/6/2024 Independent
Mesa, AZ 8/6/2024 Republican
Scottsdale, AZ 8/6/2024 Independent
Surprise, AZ 8/6/2024 Non Partisan
Yuma, AZ 8/6/2024 Republican
Miami Gardens, FL 8/20/2024 Non Partisan
Palm Coast, FL 8/20/2024 Republican
Huntsville, AL 8/27/2024 Republican
Palm Bay, FL 8/27/2024 Non Partisan
Tulsa, OK 8/27/2024 Republican
Alexandria, VA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Antioch, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Bakersfield, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Baltimore, MD 11/5/2024 Democratic
Baton Rouge, LA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Bayamon, PR 11/5/2024 New Progessive Party
Berkeley, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Buckeye, AZ 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Caguas, PR 11/5/2024 Popular Democratic Party
Carolina, PR 11/5/2024 Popular Democratic Party
Carson, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Charter Township of Canton, MI 11/5/2024 Democratic
Conroe, TX 11/5/2024 Republican
Coral Springs, FL 11/5/2024 Democratic
Corpus Christi, TX 11/5/2024 Independent
Costa Mesa, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
El Monte, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
El Paso, TX 11/5/2024 Democratic
Elizabeth, NJ 11/5/2024 Democratic
Elk Grove, CA 11/5/2024 Independent
Eugene, OR 11/5/2024 Democratic
Fayetteville, AR 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Fort Lauderdale, FL 11/5/2024 Democratic
Fremont, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Garden Grove, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Gilbert, AZ 11/5/2024 Independent
Grand Rapids, MI 11/5/2024 Democratic
Hillsboro, OR 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Hollywood, FL 11/5/2024 Democratic
Irvine, CA 11/5/2024 Independent
Modesto, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Moreno Valley, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Oceanside, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Odessa, TX 11/5/2024 Republican
Orange, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Oxnard, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Phoenix, AZ 11/5/2024 Democratic
Pomona, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Pompano Beach, FL 11/5/2024 Democratic
Ponce, PR 11/5/2024 Popular Democratic Party
Portsmouth, VA 11/5/2024 Independent
Raleigh, NC 11/5/2024 Democratic
Rialto, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Richmond, VA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Riverside, CA 11/5/2024 Independent
Roanoke, VA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Salinas, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
San Diego, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
San Francisco, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
San Juan, PR 11/5/2024 Democratic
Santa Ana, CA 11/5/2024 Independent
Santa Maria, CA 11/5/2024 Non Partisan
Simi Valley, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Stockton, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Suffolk, VA 11/5/2024 Independent
Sunrise, FL 11/5/2024 Democratic
Tracy, CA 11/5/2024 Republican
Vallejo, CA 11/5/2024 Democratic
Virginia Beach, VA 11/5/2024 Republican
Winston-Salem, NC 11/5/2024 Democratic
2024 Local Ballot Measures
Municipality State Title Date Issue(s) Summary Result
Spokane County Washington Measure 2 2/13/2024 Redistricting This measure changes the redistricting process for the Spokane City Council. Passed
Thurston County Washington Proposition 1 2/13/2024 Taxes | Education This measure authorizes the district to levy a property tax of $250 per $100,000 assessed value for education funding from 2025 through 2028. Passed
Montgomery County Alabama School Property Tax Renewal Amendment 3/5/2024 Taxes | Education This measure would renew for 30 years a countywide property tax of $350 per $100,000 of a property's assessed value to provide funding for public school purposes. Passed
Alameda County California Measure B 3/5/2024 Voting Policy This measure would amend the Alameda County county charter to use provisions of California state law regarding the recall of elective and appointive county officers rather than using Alameda County charter recall procedures. Passed
Fresno County California Measure A 3/5/2024 Elections This measure would amend the county charter to require elections for sheriff and district attorney to continue to occur during gubernatorial, non-presidential election years. Passed
Fresno County California Measure E 3/5/2024 Taxes | Capital Expense This measure levies a 0.25% countywide sales tax (1/4 cent) with revenue funding programs and improvements to the California State University Fresno campus, generating $63 million annually for 25 years. Failed
Irvine California Measure D 3/5/2024 Government Structure This measure would increase the size of the Irvine City Council from five members to seven members, with the new membership including the mayor and six councilmembers, and have the six councilmembers elected from districts, rather than at-large elections. Passed
Long Beach California Measure RW 3/5/2024 Minimum Wage This measure would increase the minimum wage for qualifying hotel workers from $17.55 per hour to $23.00 per hour on July 2024, and then increasing annually to $29.50 per hour by July 2028. Passed
Los Angeles California Measure HLA 3/5/2024 Infrastructure This measure requires the city to prioritize the completion of street improvement projects described in the previously approved City Mobility Plan and provide accessible information to the public about the progress of these projects. Passed
Oakland California Measure D 3/5/2024 Government Operations This measure would increase the appropriations limit to allow the city to expend revenues from taxes previously approved by voters. Passed
Sacramento County California Measure C 3/5/2024 Taxes This measure would increase the business operation tax for businesses operating in or doing business with the city of Sacramento and increase the maximum annual tax liability for businesses from $5,000 to $125,000 by 2028, with the exception of cannabis businesses, which are exempt. Failed
San Diego California Measure A 3/5/2024 Legal This measure authorizes the city auditor and audit committee to use outside legal counsel instead of the elected city attorney in certain instances. Passed
San Francisco California Proposition B 3/5/2024 Law Enforcement This measure would amend the city charter to make the following changes only if voters approve a new tax or amend an existing tax to fund these requirements: set minimum police officer staffing levels; require the city to budget enough money for at least five years to pay the amount of police officers employed in the previous year; require the Police Commission to request enough money to pay for minimum police staffing levels; authorize the San Francisco Police Department to introduce amendments to its budget; and create a fund for police recruitment that will last for five to 10 years. Failed
San Francisco California Proposition C 3/5/2024 Taxes This measure would exempt property from the real estate transfer tax (ranging from 0.5% to 6%) the first time commercial property is converted to residential use for properties receiving final approval before January 1, 2030. Passed
San Francisco California Proposition D 3/5/2024 Ethics This measure would amend city ethics laws including expanding restrictions on gifts that can be received by city officers and employees. Passed
San Francisco California Proposition E 3/5/2024 Law Enforcement This measure would limit the amount of time a patrol officer may spend on administrative tasks to 20% of on-duty time; require written reports for use-of-force events only when a physical injury occurred or if a firearm was removed from an officer's holster; allow body camera footage to satisfy reporting requirements; allow use of drones along with or instead of vehicular pursuits; and allow installation of surveillance and facial recognition cameras without approval from the police commission or board of supervisors. Passed
San Francisco California Proposition F 3/5/2024 Benefits Programs This measure would require drug screening of individuals receiving County Adult Assistance Program (CAAP) benefits for individuals suspected by the city to be using illegal substances and requiring the individual to participate in treatment programs (if the treatment program is free) to continue receiving assistance benefits. Passed
San Francisco California Proposition G 3/5/2024 Education This measure would declare it the official policy of the county and city of San Francisco to urge the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to offer Algebra 1 to students by the eighth grade. Passed
Montpelier Vermont Article 10 3/5/2024 Education This measure authorizes the Board of School Directors to hold any audited fund balance as of June 30, 2024 in a reserve (assigned) fund to be expended under the control and direction of the Board of School Directors for the purpose of operating the school. Passed
Montpelier Vermont Article 14 3/5/2024 Evictions This measure would amend the city charter to authorize the city council to enact ordinances safeguarding residential tenants from evictions without just cause. Passed
Chicago Illinois Question 1 3/19/2024 Taxes | Homelessness This measure would make multiple changes to the city's real estate transfer tax and use the revenue from the increase to address homelessness, including providing permanent affordable housing. Failed
Cuyahoga County Ohio Issue 26 3/19/2024 Taxes This measure would renew a property tax of $131 per $100,000 of assessed value for eight years to provide funding for health and human or social services. Passed
Jackson County Missouri Question 1 4/2/2024 Taxes | Sports Facilities This measure would renew the 0.375% sales tax to provide funding for renovations to the Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium as well as construction for a new baseball stadium for the Kansas City Royals. Failed
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Philadelphia Legal Defense of RCOs Amendment 4/23/2024 Legal This measure would require Philadelphia to provide legal defense of Registered Community Organizations (RCOs) in connection with legal claims made against RCOs due to their direct participation in the zoning variance process.
Fort Worth Texas Measure A 5/4/2024 Taxes This measure would authorize the city to impose a 2% hotel tax to fund the renovations of the city's convention center.
Garland Texas Proposition 2 5/4/2024 Redistricting This measure would amend the city charter to require redistricting of city council districts every 10 years.
Garland Texas Proposition 3 5/4/2024 Redistricting This measure would amend the city charter to add redistricting criteria including equal population, continuity, compactness, respect for political subdivisions and communities, and non-partisanship.
Lubbock County Texas Proposition A 5/4/2024 Marijuana This measure would decriminalize Class A or Class B misdemeanor marijuana possession offenses for adults, with certain exceptions.
Crook County Oregon Greater Idaho Measure 5/21/2024 Greater Idaho Movement This measure would indicate voter support of continued negotiations regarding a potential relocation of the Oregon-Idaho border to include Crook County.
Eugene Oregon Measure 20-349 5/21/2024 Voting Policy This measure would requires municipal officers to be elected with the STAR method of voting.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the tables above is subject to revision and will be updated throughout the election cycle. 

For additional information, including information on localities not listed, please contact Meghan Holihan.