$40 Billion in Broadband Funding: A State-by-State Breakdown

President Joe Biden recently announced the allocation of over $40 billion in funding to the 50 states, DC and territories under the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program at the Investing in America Event as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (or Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) passed in 2021.  

President Biden shared the following:

  • 24 million Americans currently have no access to high-speed, affordable and reliable internet and millions more have limited access.
  • High-speed internet is not a luxury but a necessity to compete economically for businesses, scholastically for children and for telehealth access for elderly citizens.
  • The administration has set 2030 as the goal to provide this service to all Americans.
  • This effort is akin to the electrification efforts during the early part of the 20th century.
  • To date, 35,000 projects have been initiated, including rural and tribal projects.
  • Economic impacts reverberate throughout the economy and include good-paying jobs related to the physical cabling of projects and manufacturing of cable as made in the United States.
  • The “Online For All” Campaign includesGetInternet.gov for more information about the Affordable Connectivity Program, saving individuals on average $30/month on their Internet bills (a total $19 million to date) 

See below for the list of recipients and amounts announced

List of Funding Recipients and Amounts Announced
Alabama $1,401,221,901.77
Alaska $1,017,139,672.42
Arizona $993,112,231.37
Arkansas $1,024,303,993.86
California $1,864,136,508.93
Colorado $826,522,650.41
Connecticut $144,180,792.71
Delaware $107,748,384.66
District of Columbia $100,694,786.93
Florida $1,169,947,392.70
Georgia $1,307,214,371.30
Hawaii $149,484,493.57
Idaho $583,256,249.88
Illinois $1,040,420,751.50
Indiana $868,109,929.79
Iowa $415,331,313.00
Kansas $451,725,998.15
Kentucky $1,086,172,536.86
Louisiana $1,355,554,552.94
Maine $271,977,723.07
Maryland $267,738,400.71
Massachusetts $147,422,464.39
Michigan $1,559,362,479.29
Minnesota $651,839,368.20
Mississippi $1,203,561,563.05
Missouri $1,736,302,708.39
Montana $628,973,798.59
Nebraska $405,281,070.41
Nevada $416,666,229.74
New Hampshire $196,560,278.97
New Jersey $263,689,548.65
New Mexico $675,372,311.86
New York $664,618,251.49
North Carolina $1,532,999,481.15
North Dakota $130,162,815.12
Ohio $793,688,107.63
Oklahoma $797,435,691.25
Oregon $688,914,932.17
Pennsylvania $1,161,778,272.41
Rhode Island $108,718,820.75
South Carolina $551,535,983.05
South Dakota $207,227,523.92
Tennessee $813,319,680.22
Texas $3,312,616,455.45
Utah $317,399,741.54
Vermont $228,913,019.08
Virginia $1,481,489,572.87
Washington $1,227,742,066.30
West Virginia $1,210,800,969.85
Wisconsin $1,055,823,573.71
Wyoming $347,877,921.27
American Samoa $37,564,827.53
Guam $156,831,733.59
Northern Mariana Islands $80,796,709.02
Puerto Rico $334,614,151.70
U.S. Virgin Islands $27,103,240.86

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