Reopening of State and Local Economies Service

If you are wondering how to reopen your business as the Stay at Home orders are lifted, you are not alone.

As the largest state and local government affairs firm, Stateside is uniquely positioned to help guide businesses and organizations of all sizes navigate the complicated post-pandemic reopening processes. Utilizing our expertise and broad perspective of all of the relevant policy arenas, we can help provide intelligence to inform your decisions as you craft a comprehensive plan to get you and your employees back to work. 

States across the nation have begun implementing plans to reopen their economies as the risks of the COVID-19 Pandemic begin to recede. Some states have already issued orders to ease stay-at-home restrictions, allowing nonessential businesses to reopen. At the same time, local governments are issuing their own recommendations, making it difficult for business owners to manage guidelines and requirements for their reopening process. The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has yet to issue any overarching rules to clarify the employer’s responsibility for keeping employees safe and minimalizing COVID-19 spread. As such, safety guidelines vary from state to state. Companies will need a plan to stay on top of these changing guidelines as they look to reopen.

Understanding the reopening processes – and navigating the tangled framework of state executive, agency, legislative, and local government actions within which you will have to operate – will present unique challenges to business owners across all industries. If not handled properly, any post COVID-19 pandemic reopening plan could potentially become a legal minefield for It is essential that business owners stay up to date on state and local requirements and guidelines when planning their reopening.

Wondering if this service is right for you? We can offer you a complimentary consultation to better understand your needs and to discuss our service offerings in greater detail.



  • Customized reports with summaries of local and statewide actions highlighting provisions that impact your organization.
  • Updates throughout the week on any vital information impacting your organization. 
  • Comprehensive and integrated coverage that includes state executive, agency, legislative, and local actions in the top 100 cities. 
  • Follow-up with Stateside experts on reopening policies.


  • Status of Reopening. Executive orders, legislation, public health orders, task forces, and other discussions about reopening requirements that may impact your business. 
  • Synopsis of Impacts to Your Organization and Industry. Actions that affect your business and any opportunities you may have to contribute to the reopening process. 
  • Specific Requirements that Affect You. State legislation, rulemakings, agency notices, emergency rulemakings, and local actions.


  • Client Consultation. Our team of local, legislative, and regulatory experts will hold an initial briefing with you to discuss your business reopening priorities, determine issues to track, and help identify other areas that we should include in your report. 
  • Customized Reporting and Ongoing Updates. Each week, we will send you a comprehensive report covering the actions that impact you in your targeted states with any new information highlighted. We will also send pertinent updates throughout the week to ensure your organization is up to date on the latest impacts to your business reopening plans
  • Follow-up with Experts. Our team of regulatory, legislative, and local experts will be readily available for any follow-up questions or additional information.