Steve Arthur

Vice President

(703) 525-7466 ext. 287

With over 20 years of public and private sector policy experience, Steve Arthur directs Stateside’s retail industry practice and advises retailers on working with state government officials and trade associations. He also leads Stateside’s Attorneys General practice, helping clients build relationships with state Attorneys General, educate the AGs on their business, and navigate the lobbying process. Steve helps Stateside’s retail clients to connect with state officials, provide a clear picture of their operations, and minimize barriers to growth. When clients need to market to state agencies, he develops strategies for them. He spearheads coalitions to give clients a voice in shaping federal regulations and guides them in positioning their government relations programs internally to best support business units.

Early in his career, Steve worked as a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate, then held a series of appointed positions in California state government. He served as a research analyst in the Governor’s Office, as Assistant Secretary for Economic Development, and as Chief Deputy Director for the Department of Conservation, which regulates the state’s mining, oil, and gas industries. Steve’s private-sector work has included directing state government relations for an international manufacturer, a food industry trade association, and one of the world’s largest retailers. He has served on the boards of numerous state retail associations. He relies on his combination of public and private-sector experience to help clients understand the mindset of government officials and regulators. Steve’s public service career could be said to have begun in college, when he worked as a police department aide and dispatcher, answering 911 calls and directing police officers to calls for service. One memorable assignment took him backstage at a Grateful Dead concert. Steve holds a B.A. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He currently works from Colorado. He enjoys golf and has experienced zero-gravity flight.