New Jersey Government Affairs Consulting 

New Jersey Government Affairs Consulting 


Navigating the intricate landscape of New Jersey’s state and local government is vital for businesses looking to shape the public policy environment. Stateside Associates emerges as a guiding light in this complex setting, offering specialized consulting services tailored to unique legislative and regulatory frameworks in all 50 states, including New Jersey. Our depth of expertise and extensive network provide invaluable insights and strategies to help businesses stay at the forefront. 


Legislative Monitoring Services 


Staying informed and proactive is essential in the dynamic legislative environment of New Jersey. Our legislative monitoring services give businesses the critical insights and tools needed to effectively navigate these changes. 


  • In-House Seasoned Professionals: We are not a search engine or a data aggregator. Our team of experts, deeply knowledgeable in New Jersey’s state legislature, provide customized legislative summaries written on our client’s behalf and are available for additional research and follow-up. 
  •  Customized Reporting: Through our customized monitoring platform, StateLink, bill summaries are tailored to your needs and sent in real-time, allowing you to quickly determine what a bill entails and its impact. 


Regulatory Monitoring Services 


Monitoring New Jersey’s complex regulatory environment is crucial for businesses operating within the state. With Stateside’s regulatory monitoring service, our clients receive highly-customized detailed summaries of relevant statutes, regulations, agency guidance, and enforcement practices. 


  • Stay Informed on Regulatory Actions: Our Regulation Alert Monitoring service provides clients with detailed regulatory alerts when a rulemaking first appears in New Jersey’s register or equivalent publication. We then monitor rulemakings until final rule promulgation and implementation. 
  • Identify Rulemaking Before Formal Publication: Our Regulatory Forecasting service provides clients with early-stage, customized regulatory alerts about emerging state and local regulatory activity.  We alert clients about regulatory initiatives when they are still in the discussion phase, prior to formal publication in a state register, and we continue to actively monitor until final rule promulgation and implementation. 


Local Government Monitoring Services 


Stateside’s local monitoring services provide accurate, timely reporting of government actions, proposed lawmaking, and other relevant agenda items from local government jurisdictions across New Jersey.  


  •  Advanced Search Technology: Our powerful technology platform searches over three million web pages daily, capturing local government actions across the country, including New Jersey. Our team of professionals scrutinizes these search results and prepares tailored reports for our clients.  
  •  Daily Alerts: Clients receive daily updates, concise alerts, and comprehensive summaries of local legislative and regulatory developments based on their specific priorities and issue preferences. 


Health Care Practice 


Staying informed on what heath care policy developments are occurring, especially in New Jersey, is crucial. Stateside's Healthcare Practice offers dedicated policy reporting and implementation services of New Jersey’s evolving healthcare policy landscape. 


  • Navigating Health Care Policy: We specialize in monitoring health care policy developments, covering issues from prescription drug pricing to telehealth services. 
  • Custom Reporting and Engagement: Both standard and custom health care policy reporting options are available, including detailed information on agency and board discussions, rulemakings, state agency program structures, and more.  


State and Local Government Infrastructure Funding Services 


Navigating infrastructure initiatives and funding opportunities is key for businesses in New Jersey. Our infrastructure consulting and monitoring services are tailored to help you navigate and capitalize on these opportunities. 


  • Expert Consulting Services: Stateside offers a comprehensive suite of services that can help business locate the right programs for their organizations and develop strategies to identify projects and government partners, particularly in the Broadband, Clean Energy and EV Charging infrastructure sectors. 
  • Identifying and Tracking Funding Opportunities: With Stateside’s Infrastructure Funding Database, businesses can easily gain the information they need on infrastructure grants, awards and policy updates available in New Jersey. 


Engage with Stateside for New Jersey Government Relations 


Through a personalized understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives, our experienced government affairs consultants can strategize, execute and evaluate results surrounding an array of legislative, regulatory, and other policy issues in New Jersey. Contact us today to discover how our services can empower your business in New Jersey’s political landscape.