Supporting Outreach Efforts to Native American Communities


A national agricultural technology client needed to increase its outreach to Native Americans and people of indigenous communities. 

Stateside Solution:  

  • We worked to leverage state officials Group meetings and other policy forums, and facilitated meetings between our client and the state legislative leaders from these communities. 
  • We identified a fledgling caucus of state legislators representing Native Americans and people of indigenous communities and helped the client engage with the caucus. 
  • We worked with the client to develop messages and communications strategies to better reach Native Americans and people of indigenous communities. 
  • We arranged for the participation of our client at the caucus’ meetings and other Native American forums to educate members about its industry. 


While the outreach efforts are ongoing, many strained relationships with specific leaders have been bridged, tensions over high profile issues in two states have been reduced, additional communication channels with community leaders have been created and several industry champions have been developed.