Supported Health Care Association’s Efforts to Amend National Model Legislation


A client sought assistance in amending draft model insurance legislation that would impact the provisions contained in health care professionals’ contracts with health care networks and other entities. The challenges included negotiating with adverse stakeholders directly, while coordinating a diverse set of allied stakeholders; assuring that critical language was adopted in the finished model legislation; and building the client’s profile as an expert in the field with the legislators involved in approving the draft. 

Stateside Solution:  

  • We represented the client at all meetings of the national state legislators’ policy group developing the model law, building a program to maximize the engagement of client staff when most advantageous. 
  • We assembled a survey and analysis of existing and emerging state statutes, legislation and rules addressing the policy issue to serve as the foundation of our advocacy efforts and to establish the client as a resource to the legislators amending the model. 
  • We coordinated communications with industry allies and opposition stakeholders to build consensus around our client’s preferred language. 
  • We drafted substitute model legislation and vetted amendment language with policy groups and client association members and represented the client on the policy group drafting committee. 


Model law language we drafted was adopted by a national state officials’ policy group, which has led to favorable state legislation enacted in multiple states and is now the industry standard on this issue.