Special Research Project for New Medical Services Provider


Our client is a medical services provider operating in a non-traditional manner. While working to comply with current law and regulations, it came under attack from traditional service providers. 

Lacking sufficient background information and state government relations experience, the client reached out to Stateside for help in preparing for the coming legislative sessions. One additional twist – the outreach came in October – just a few weeks before the start of the new legislative sessions. 

The client believed that it was insufficiently aware of current law and regulations governing its business. And, it lacked familiarity with the political environment in the states in which it operates. 

Stateside Solution: 

  • We delivered an in-depth 50-state analysis of current regulations.
  • We analyzed legislation enacted during the previous session and insightful information about key stakeholders in each of 33 target states. Through this work, the client learned how the case against its business model was built and advanced. 

A Stateside team comprised of Regulatory Counsel (attorneys) and Legislative Associates produced the 48-page final report ahead of deadline.