Outreach Efforts to the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) on Behalf of a Federal Agency Client


Improve the working relationship between the federal agency and the state environmental commissioners who are members of ECOS. 

Stateside Solution: 

  • We created a state/federal Work Group to address issues of mutual interest. 
  • We utilized the Work Group to develop tangible solutions to these mutual issues, such as a white paper dispelling myths surrounding internal workings of the federal agency as it relates to spending funds for cleanup; a protocol for a coordinated state/federal response to the media when a new contaminant is discovered; and a guidance document outlining a process for determining cleanup levels for newly-discovered contaminants. 
  • We secured full support of the process and work product of the Work Group through the ECOS resolution process. 


The Work Group improved working relationships with environmental commissioners while developing solutions to complex problems.