Audit of State and Local Government Relations (SLGR) Program


Our client was undergoing great change and needed to re-evaluate all its state government program relationships, investments, staff resources and internal and external communications processes in order to manage that change for the better. When Stateside was retained, the very small SLGR program of this very large, multi-business company operated almost exclusively in its headquarters state. 

Stateside Solution: 

Utilizing our Audit process, a team of Stateside senior managers met with members of the client’s government relations team and with key players from each of five (5) largest business units. We learned everything we needed to know in order to understand the WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHERE and with WHOM of this program and its service to internal clients. 

Three weeks later, we presented the client with our Findings and Recommendations document that addressed mission, structure, budget, relationships and staffing. 


The client implemented almost every recommendation and has been very successful in scaling up to a team with national reach supported by state lobbyists and enhanced by strong relationships with its trade associations.