Addressed SSL Committee Docket Item Damaging to an Association Client’s Industry and Members


Asking the Council of State Governments Committee on Suggested State Legislation (CSG-SSL) to reject a Docket item damaging to association client’s industry. 

This legislation was on the SSL Committee Docket and was being considered for inclusion in the next volume of the Council of State Governments (CSG) Annual Suggested State Legislation Volume, which is distributed to legislators and legislative staff nationwide at the beginning of each year. 

Stateside Solution: 

Stateside directed an effort to defeat suggested state legislation: 

  • We managed all communication with the SSL committee members prior to and during the CSG-SSL meeting.
  • We researched and developed arguments used in communication with the CSG-SSL Committee.
  • We participated in the meeting on behalf of the client and gave oral presentations before the SSL Committee. 


The CSG-SSL Committee rejected the Docket item, preventing its inclusion in the Annual Suggested State Legislation Volume.