State Responses to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As we wrote in our blog, From Moscow to Minsk: States Crack Down on Russia Following Invasion of Ukraine, since Russia’s barbarous invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, states have fast-tracked legislation to divest state assets from and terminate state contracts with Russian-owned entities and companies that do business in Russia. 

Traditionally, foreign policy is under the purview of the Federal government but individual states occasionally try to influence world events through expressions such as boycotts, divestments, policy statements and other actions. State legislatures have introduced bills and executives have signed orders showing support for the Ukrainian fight against Russia by requiring broad divestment from Russian assets.

These actions are part of a larger trend among states interjecting themselves into foreign affairs. From the response to Apartheid in the 1980s and states joining the Paris Climate Accords despite the Federal government’s refusal, Governors and state legislators are increasingly using their power and voice to take a stand and to influence foreign policy.

We have compiled all of the executive and legislative actions the states have taken in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This document will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Report Updated 7/27/2022

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