State Bytes Week 4 Part 1


Each week State Bytes will feature multiple conversations about all of the states holding regularly scheduled elections, including in the capitol and on the campaign trail insight and perspective. Check your emails or iTunes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for new episodes.



Derek Brown and Chase Everton from Michael Best in Salt Lake City joined us on October 4 to talk Utah politics. Mr. Brown and Mr. Everton discuss the citizen initiatives in the state, how those are affecting local races, and how they could affect the next legislative session.


North Carolina

Theresa Kostrzewa from Capitol Advantage Associates chatted with us on October 9 about the upcoming state level elections in North Carolina. Ms. Kostrzewa discusses accomplishments of the Republican Party, which holds a majority in both chambers, and gives her thoughts on the upcoming legislative session.



Bill Stauffacher from Stauffacher Communications joined us on October 10 to talk about state elections in Washington. We discuss state house and senate races, candidate trends, and ballot measures. Mr. Stauffacher also discusses the state’s unique legislative districts.



Deb Hart from Hart Public Policy gave us an overview of the gubernatorial race between Shawn Moody (R) and Attorney General Janet Mills (D) on October 15. Ms. Hart discusses what she’s seeing on the ground in what has become a battleground state this cycle.



Allison Crowley DeMag from Morris & DeMag talked with us on October 16 about the gubernatorial race between Governor Phil Scott (R) and Christine Hallquist (D). Ms. Crowley DeMag also discusses what needs to happen for the Democrats to have veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate.  


Ohio - Part One

We have two episodes in this battleground state. We talked with Mike Caputo of Capitol Partners on October 23. In Part One, Mr. Caputo discusses the gubernatorial race between Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) and Rich Cordray (D). Mr. Caputo also discusses early voting numbers and the huge uptick in registered unaffiliated voters.


Ohio - Part Two

We have two episodes in this battleground state. We talked with Ali Mock from Government Edge on October 25. In Part Two, Ms. Mock gives us an overview of the issues gubernatorial candidates and down ticket candidates are running on. We discuss potential issues legislators may tackle during the lame duck legislative session. Ms. Mock also weighs in on why Ohio has become such a bellwether for national trends.


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