State Bytes Week 2 Part 2


Each week State Bytes will feature multiple conversations about all of the states holding regularly scheduled elections - 46 episodes in all, including in the capitol and on the campaign trail insight and perspective. Check your emails or iTunes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for new episodes.



Mike Iosua and Kim Yoshimoto joined us from Imanaka Asato on September 20 to discuss the Democratic gubernatorial primary contest. Mr. Iosua and Ms. Yoshimoto talk about what issues Hawaiians are facing today and how that sets up the 2019 legislative session.



Justin Allen from Wright Lindsey Jennings chatted with us on September 21 about Governor Asa Hutchinson’s (R) and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s (R) campaign platforms. Mr. Allen identified several issues that will likely be on the table in the 2019 legislative session. We also discuss the state’s ballot measures, some of which are in litigation.


New York

Evan Stavisky from The Parkside Group joined us on September 24 to discuss the state’s competitive primary results and what that could mean for the legislative session. We chat about what could happen if the State Senate flips to full Democratic control and Mr. Stavisky gives us a fun fact about the Senate chamber itself.



Barb Meaney from Triadvocates chatted with us on September 25 to discuss the dynamics of the gubernatorial and state senate races. She notes that her state has bucked the trends we’ve seen in other states. Ms. Meaney also outlines issues that may come up in the 2019 legislative session.



Rick Russell from State Street Advisors talked with us about the Keystone State’s elections on September 27. At the time of our recording, Mr. Russell acknowledged that there was a lack of intensity and animosity in the gubernatorial race. However, State Senator Scott Wagner (R) recently live streamed a video on Facebook that could change the mood of this race. (The original video was removed from the site.) We also discuss the state house and senate races and the upcoming challenges facing the legislature.



Steven Dover from Tactix joined us on October 9 for a special episode on the recent, historic provincial elections in Quebec and New Brunswick. Mr. Dover provides an overview of how provincial government is structured. We then discuss the surprising election results in Quebec and the issues the new government will likely attempt to tackle. We also talk about the disorder being experienced in New Brunswick as technically no party won a majority in the election. This is a very educational episode.



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