State Bytes Week 2 Part 1


Each week State Bytes will feature multiple conversations about all of the states holding regularly scheduled elections - 46 episodes in all, including in the capitol and on the campaign trail insight and perspective. Check your emails Tuesdays and Thursdays for links to new episodes.


Rhode Island

Lenny Lopes from The Victor Group chatted with us about the Rhode Island gubernatorial race on September 18. He summarizes what issues Governor Gina Raimondo (D) and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung (R) ran on in their primaries and what they’re focusing on in the general campaign. Mr. Lopes also recaps the 2018 legislative session.



Mike Biagi from The Rotunda Group joined us on September 20 to discuss the upcoming state legislative elections in Kentucky. Mr. Biagi gives us an overview of what issues folks are running on and how their campaigns are messaging around current issues. We also chat about what is coming down the pike for the 2019 legislative session.



John Kamis chatted with us from Carpenter Lipps & Leland on September 25. Mr. Kamis reminds us what happened in the Republican and Democratic primaries that were held way back in March. We talk about the recent ideological shifts in both parties within the Prairie State and how those could affect the next legislative session.



Tom Cope and John Murphy joined us from Cope Murphy+Co on October 1. Giving our listeners a Republican and Democratic perspective, they outline the issues Governor Reynolds (R) and Fred Hubbell (D) are campaigning on and what is resonating with Iowa voters. We discuss strategies for down ballot races and what the chambers could look like in the 2019 session.



Jay Morgan from The J.L. Morgan Company talked with us about Georgia’s election on October 2. Mr. Morgan summarizes one of the hottest gubernatorial races in the country – both Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) and Stacy Abrams (D) are focused on creating an intensity in their bases. It is a race that has been consistently in the national news and Mr. Morgan speaks to that unprecedented exposure. Mr. Morgan offers insight on how Secretary Kemp (R) and Abrams (D) might work with the legislature to accomplish specific goals.