State Bytes Specisode: State of COVID-19 - Response and Recovery

State Bytes: A Stateside Podcast

State Bytes will return with its 4th season this September where we will be talking with lobbyists in 44 states as over 5,800 state legislative seats will be on the ballot in November. There's also 11 gubernatorial races and 10 attorneys general seats up for grabs in this exciting and unique election cycle. We're looking forward to bringing you a new season filled with the great content you've come to expect from the team at Stateside.

In the meantime enjoy this “State Bytes Specisode” featuring our Co-CEO Michael Behm.


State Bytes Specisode: State of COVID-19: Response and Recovery

In this specisode, Michael Behm sat down (virtually) with CSG's Executive Director and CEO David Adkins for an in-depth conversation on the coronavirus pandemic and how it has effected state government.