September 13 Primary Results Highlights

Delaware, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island held primaries yesterday for several state and federal races. In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the unofficial primary results:

  • In New Hampshire's Democratic gubernatorial primary, Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern (D) won a five-way contest with 52% of the vote. Executive Councilor Chris Sununu (R) won the Republican gubernatorial primary after State Representative Frank Edelblut (R) conceded this afternoon. The two were neck-and-neck by fewer than 1000 votes, at 30.6% and 29.8% respectively, and the race qualified for a recount.
  • In Delaware's Republican gubernatorial primary, State Senator Colin Bonini (R) secured the party nomination with 69.88% of the votes cast. He will face Congressman John Carney (D), Sean Louis Goward (L) and Andrew Richard Groff (G) in the general election.

Other notable results:

Delaware: None of the incumbents running for re-election were defeated.

New Hampshire: None of the Senate incumbents running for re-election were defeated. Eleven House incumbents - Jack Belcom (R), Thomas Cardon (R), Lars Christiansen (R), James Devine (R), Daniel Donovan (R), Susan Emerson (R), Robert Haefner (R), Jeffrey Harris (R), Robert Knowles (R), John Potucek (R) and Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien (R) - were defeated. Note: due to the close nature of some of these races, a recount could be triggered.

New York: None of the Senate incumbents running for re-election seeking the Democratic or Republican Party nomination were defeated. Three Assembly Democrats - Margaret M. Markey (D), Alice Cancel (D) and Guillermo Linares (D) - did not secure the party nomination. Since New York allows candidates to seek multiple party nominations and appear on the ballot under each party nomination in a given race, therefore Alice Cancel will remain on the ballot as the Women's Equality Party nominee.

Rhode Island: Four House members - Deputy Majority Leader Thomas A. Palangio (D), House Majority Leader John J. DeSimone (D), Eileen S. Naughton (D) and Jan P. Malik (D) - were defeated in their respective primaries. In the Senate, Deputy Majority Leader Juan M. Pichardo (D) and Senator William A. Walaska (D) lost their respective primary races.