New Session, New StateLink: Get Ready to Log-In

We are excited to introduce to you more personalized monitoring experience.

A majority of state legislatures will convene in less than 12 weeks for a new session season. 

It’s a new year, hundreds of new faces and it’s time for a new monitoring experience.

Get ready to log-in and see the exciting new changes we have made to our monitoring platform, StateLink, all intended to help you better monitor and organize the enormous volumes of information generated by state and local governments, manage and track your meetings with officials and process actionable intelligence to make critical advocacy decisions.

We incorporated these upgrades with our clients and the need for flexibility in mind, so that you can personalize your monitoring searches, report formatting and alert frequency to meet your needs and schedule.  


Our redevelopment of StateLink, and the delivery of our legislative and regulatory information, will stay true to the same timely, accurate and high quality information you have come to expect from Stateside for almost three decades – all supported by our expert professional monitoring staff and managers; all of it backed by expert analysis and outlook to guide your government relations efforts. 

 New features and functionality will include:

  • Let’s Get Personal. Customize your portal access, personalized legislative and regulatory searches, customized monitoring reports, maps, personal priority flags, annotations and categorization for bills, regulatory actions and more.
  • Manage Your Contacts And Meetings. New tools enable you to track and manage your contacts, chronicle meetings with officials and staff, integrate your personal resources into our portal, along with access to state and federal legislative, regulatory and executive contact information.
  • Same Expert Support, Only Better. Customized reporting prepared by Stateside Professionals who know your issues and are available for nearly unlimited follow-up and research.
  •  We’re On Your Clock. Now customize your own alert delivery: ASAP, hourly, daily or weekly. Additionally, our new calendar highlights critical state legislative and regulatory actions, dates, milestones and state and local Groups’ events.
  • With You On The Road. Take your monitoring beyond the office. Our new, enhanced Mobile App goes on the road with you, enabling you access to all of your monitoring reports, priority issues, session and administrative dates, election reports and more.
  • See the Bigger Picture. Now, ALL introduced legislation is available for review through the portal.

So, get ready to log-in, customize and change the way you view government affairs. The next step in our relationship begins now.

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