August 30 Primary Results Highlights

Arizona and Florida held primaries yesterday for several state and federal races. In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the unofficial primary results:

  • In Arizona's legislative primaries, three incumbents were defeated: Representatives Matt Kopec (D) and Celeste Plumlee (D) and Senator Jeff Dial (R).
  • In Florida's legislative primaries, none of the incumbents running for re-election were defeated.
  • Also in Florida, Amendment 4, a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment regarding exemptions for solar devices and renewable energy source devices from certain taxation and assessments, passed with 72.61% of the vote.

Other news:

Colorado Ballot Measures: While not related to primary elections, two oil and gas ballot measures - Initiatives 75 and 78 - failed to qualify for the general election ballot on Monday due to an insufficient number of valid submitted signatures.