August 2 Primary Results Highlights

Four states held primaries yesterday for several local, state and federal races. Michigan, Kansas, Washington and Missouri closed their polls on Tuesday, August 2, setting the stage for the general elections in November. 

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the primary results:

  • In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee (D) and Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant (R) advanced to the November ballot with 48.6% and 38.1% of the vote, respectively, in the top-two primary.
  • In Missouri’s open seat gubernatorial race, Attorney General Chris Koster (D) easily won the Democratic nomination with 78.8% of the votes cast, while former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens (R) defeated John Brunner, former Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway (R) and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R) with 34.6% of the votes cast in the highly competitive Republican primary. As an interesting fact, Chris Koster is a Republican-turned-Democrat, while Eric Greitens is a Democrat-turned-Republican.
  • In Missouri’s open seat attorney general race, former Cass County Prosecutor Teresa Hensley (D) defeated St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman (D). Hensley will face her Republican opponent Josh Hawley, who also won the nomination yesterday, in the November election.
  • At least 11 conservative incumbent lawmakers were defeated by moderate opponents in Kansas. Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce (R) was unseated by Republican Ed Berger, former president of Hutchinson Community College. Governor Sam Brownback (R) has seen declining poll numbers and Bruce’s loss could be attributed to a backlash against Governor Brownback and his allies.

Other notable results:

Michigan: No incumbent challenged in the primary election lost yesterday.

Washington: Some of the down-ballot races in Washington remain too close to call, as the state also uses an all-mail election method. Although some ballots are expected to arrive through the week, it tentatively appears no incumbent running for re-election lost in the top-two primary yesterday. Currently, Washington’s Democrats control the House and Republicans control the Senate, both by narrow margins.

Missouri: Three representatives running for re-election lost in yesterday’s primary election: S. Nick King (R), Bonnaye Mims (D) and Sheila Solon (R). None of the senators running for re-election were defeated.