2024 State Legislative Session Takeaways: New Mexico

Written by Costa Costidis

On February 15, New Mexico became the first state to adjourn the 2024 legislative session. In even-numbered years, the legislature meets for only 30-days compared to the 60-daysession observed in odd-numbered years. In total, 777 pieces of legislation were introduced and 107 passed both chambers.

Here’s what you may have missed:

The Budget

In even-numbered years, the legislature’s main objective is to pass a budget. For Fiscal Year 2025, the chambers passed a $10.2 billion budget. Infrastructure spending constituted a large chunk of this. $25 million was allocated to the Department of Information Technology to support implementation of the statewide broadband plan. An additional $10 million was allocated to the Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources to facilitate the adoption of weatherization and wind, solar, and geothermal energy in underserved and low-income communities.

The budget also provides $15 million over three years to create a pilot program to expand evidence-based behavioral health services. These services include screening, brief intervention,and referral to treatment and certified community behavioral health clinics. These services are expected to sustainably bill Medicaid once fully operational. 

Clean Transportation

During her 2024 State of the State address, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham supported an investment in clean energy, particularly in the transportation sector. One of the Governor’s first bills submitted for the 2024 session was HB 41, which requires the state Environmental Improvement Board to maintain, develop, and enforce rules and standards for carbon intensity of transportation fuels, including registration and related fees. The board must also promulgate rules to implement a clean transportation fuel standard program by July 1, 2026.This bill passed the legislature and is awaiting consideration by the governor. The measure calls for a fact-finding process to occur before drafting of clean transportation fuel standards. These future developments will be followed by the Stateside Regulatory Team. Please contact Becky Lukaesko for more information.

The legislature also passed HB 252. This measure, in addition to establishing a flat corporate income tax and revising income tax brackets, provides credits for new and used electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. An additional income tax credit is included for purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging units.

Governor Grisham has until March 6 to sign all bills sent to her by the legislature. After this date, any bill that remains unsigned is pocket vetoed.

Upon adjournment of the legislature, Governor Grisham expressed disappointment with inaction on some of her priorities, particularly public safety. She is considering a special session in late 2024 to address this. Two of the Governor’s priority bills, HB 316 and SB 122, failed to pass. HB 316 addresses the use of firearms in the course of committing a felony while SB 122 creates a rebuttable presumption against pretrial release for individuals charged with specified crimes.

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