Local Short-Term Rental Snapshot

Stay Informed: Unpack the Latest Short-Term Rental Regulations

New legislation and local debates are rapidly transforming the short-term rental industry nationwide. Stay ahead of the curve with our Local Short-Term Rental Snapshot, a standard report offering a comprehensive analysis of current and upcoming STR policies in key markets. Don't be caught off guard. This evolving landscape impacts everyone, from individual hosts to major booking platforms. Our report equips you with the knowledge to navigate these significant transformations.

What you'll find inside:

  • In-depth breakdown: Dive into policy changes affecting major cities like New York City, Austin, and Miami.
  • Expert insights: Understand how regulations impact housing affordability, rental supply, and your business.
  • Enforcement updates: Stay informed about the latest measures and implications for hosts and platforms.
  • Legislative highlights: Gain crucial knowledge about state preemption bills affecting local control.

Our report empowers you with the following:

  • Actionable insights: Make informed decisions based on expert analysis of the evolving STR landscape.
  • Competitive edge: Navigate the complexities of regulations and ensure the smooth operation of your business. 

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