2023 Local Elections


Many of the country's most populated municipalities will hold regularly scheduled elections throughout 2023. 


Disclaimer: The information contained in the table below is subject to revision and will be updated throughout the election cycle. 

For additional information, including information on localities not listed, please contact Meghan Holihan.

Municipality State Date Pre-Election Mayoral Partisan Affiliation Winner & Post-Election Mayoral Partison Affiliation
Chicago Illinois 4/5/2023 Democratic Brandon Johnson (D)
Houston Texas 11/7/2023 Democratic
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 11/7/2023 Democratic
San Antonio Texas 5/6/2023 Non-Partisan Ron Nirenberg (Inc)
Dallas Texas 5/6/2023 Democratic Eric Johnson (D) (Inc)
Jacksonville Florida 5/16/2023 Republican Donna Deegan (D) - FLIPPED
Fort Worth Texas 5/6/2023 Republican Mattie Parker (R) (Inc)
Columbus Ohio 11/7/2023 Democratic
Indianapolis Indiana 11/7/2023 Democratic
Denver Colorado 6/6/2023 Democratic Mike Johnson (D)
Nashville Tennessee 9/14/2023 (Runoff) Democratic Freddie O'Connell (D)
Memphis Tennessee 10/5/2023 Democratic
Tucson Arizona 11/7/2023 Democratic
Kansas City Missouri 6/20/2023 Democratic Quinton Lucas (D) (Inc.)
Colorado Springs Colorado 5/16/2023 Republican Yemi Mobolade (I)
Wichita Kansas 11/7/2023 Democratic
Arlington Texas 5/6/2023 Non-Partisan Jim Ross (Inc)
Auroro Colorado 11/7/2023 Republican
Tampa Florida 3/7/2023 Democratic Jane Castor (D) (Inc)
Orlando Florida 11/7/2023 Democratic
Lincoln Nebraska 5/2/2023 Democratic Leirion Gaylor Baird (D) (Inc)
Durham North Carolina 10/10/2023 Democratic
Madison Wisconsin 4/4/2023 Democratic Satya Rhodes-Conway (D) (Inc)
Fort Wayne Indiana 11/7/2023 Democratic
Irving Texas 5/6/2023 Republican Rick Stopfer (R) (Inc)
Garland Texas 5/6/2023 Republican Scott LeMay (R) (Inc)
Boise Idaho 11/7/2023 Democratic
Spokane Washington 11/7/2023 Non-Partisan