2022 Attorneys General Elections


Thirty (30) states are holding a regularly-scheduled election for the Office of Attorney General this cycle. 


Disclaimer: The information contained in the table below is subject to revision and will be updated throughout the election cycle. 

For additional information, please contact Meghan Holihan

State Current Party Control Primary Date Candidate
Ohio Republican 5/3/2022 Attorney General Dave Yost (R) (Inc.)
Ohio Republican 5/3/2022 State Representative Jeff Crossman (D)
Nebraska (Open Seat) Republican 5/10/2022 Senator Mike Hilgers (R)
Idaho Republican 5/17/2022 Former Congressman Raúl R. Labrador (R)
Idaho Republican 5/17/2022 Steven Scanlin (D)
Alabama Republican 5/24/2022 Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) (Inc.)
Alabama Republican 5/24/2022 Wendell Major (D)
Georgia Republican 5/24/2022 Attorney General Chris Carr (R) (Inc.)
Georgia Republican 5/24/2022 State Senator Jennifer "Jen" Jordan (D)
Arkansas (Open Seat) Republican 5/24/2022 Jesse Gibson (D)
Arkansas (Open Seat) Republican 5/24/2022 Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin (R)
Texas Republican 5/24/2022 (Run-Off) Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) (Inc.)
Texas Republican 5/24/2022 (Run-Off) Rochelle Mercedes Garza (D)
California Democratic 6/7/2022 Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) (Inc.)
California Democratic 6/7/2022 Nathan Hochman (R)
Iowa Democratic 6/7/2022 Attorney General Tom Miller (D) (Inc.)
Iowa Democratic 6/7/2022 Brenna Bird (R)
New Mexico (Open Seat) Democratic 6/7/2022 Raúl Torrez (D)
New Mexico (Open Seat) Democratic 6/7/2022 Jeremy Michael Gay (R)
Nevada Democratic 6/14/2022 Attorney General Aaron D. Ford (D) (Inc.)
Nevada Democratic 6/14/2022 Sigal Chattah (R)
South Dakota Republican 6/25 -6/27 (Convention Date) South Dakota Republican Party State Convention
North Dakota (Open Seat) Republican 6/14/2022 Attorney General Drew Wrigley (R) (Inc.)
North Dakota (Open Seat) Republican 6/14/2022 Timothy Charles (Tim) Lamb (D)
South Carolina Republican 6/14/2022 Attorney General Alan Wilson (R) (Inc.)
Colorado Democratic 6/28/2022 Attorney General Phil Weiser (D) (Inc.)
Colorado Democratic 6/28/2022 John Kellner (R)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 Attorney General Kwame Raoul (D) (Inc.)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 Thomas G. Devore (R)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 Steve Kim (R)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 David Shestokas (R)
New York Democratic 6/28/2022 Attorney General Letitia A. James (D) (Inc.)
New York Democratic 6/28/2022 Michael Henry (R)
Oklahoma Republican 6/28/2022 Marco Lopez (R)
Oklahoma Republican 6/28/2022 Gentner F. Drummond (R)
Rhode Island Democratic 6/29/2022
Maryland (Open Seat) Democratic 7/19/2022 Michael Anthony Peroutka (R)
Maryland (Open Seat) Democratic 7/19/2022 Jim Shalleck (R)
Maryland (Open Seat) Democratic 7/19/2022 United States Representative Anthony G. Brown (D)
Maryland (Open Seat) Democratic 7/19/2022 Katie Curran O'Malley (D)
Michigan Democratic 8/2/2022 Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) (Inc.)
Michigan Democratic 8/2/2022 Matthew DePerno (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Lacy Cooper (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Rodney Glassman (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Former State Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Dawn Grove (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Abraham "Abe" Hamadeh (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Kris Mayes (D)
Kansas (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Chris Mann (D)
Kansas (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Former Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R)
Kansas (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Tony Mattivi (R)
Kansas (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Senator Kellie Warren(R)
Connecticut Democratic 8/9/2022
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) (Inc.)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Bill Dahn (D)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Doug Wardlow (R)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Sharon Anderson (R)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Jim Schultz(R)
Vermont (Open Seat) Democratic 8/9/2022 Charity R. Clark (D)
Vermont (Open Seat) Democratic 8/9/2022 Rory Thibault (D)
Vermont (Open Seat) Democratic 8/9/2022 H. Brooke Paige (R)
Vermont (Open Seat) Democratic 8/9/2022 Elijah Bergman (Progressive)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) (Inc.)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Eric Toney (R)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Karen Mueller (R)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Adam Jarchow (R)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Democratic 9/6/2022 Andrea Joy Campbell (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Democratic 9/6/2022 Shannon Erika Liss-Riordan (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Democratic 9/6/2022 Quentin Palfrey (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Democratic 9/6/2022 James R. Mcmahon (R)
Delaware Democratic 9/13/2022