2021 State Legislative Elections


Disclaimer: The information contained in the table below is subject to revision and will be updated periodically.  

  • "D" = Democrat 
  • "R" = Republican 
  • "Ind" = Independent 
  • "P" = Progressive 
  • "Lib" = Libertarian 
  • "U" = Undetermined 

Last Updated: 4/22/21 at 10:55AM 

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State and Chamber Seats on the Ballot Pre-Election Partisan Control & Splits Projected Party Control Projected Post-Election Partisan Splits
New Jersey Senate 40/40 26D - 14R TBD TBD
New Jersey Assembly 80/80 50D - 30R TBD TBD
Virginia House 100/100 55D - 45R TBD TBD