2018 Local Government Elections

Twenty (20) of the top 100 most populous cities will choose a mayor this year.

Local Government Races

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Disclaimer: The information contained in the table above is subject to revision and will be updated as candidates declare their intention to run or retire, as well as when candidate filing lists are updated and deadlines pass.

Municipality State Date Results
Anchorage Alaska 04/03/2018 Mayor Ethan Berkowitz (Inc.) (D) - WINNER
Chandler Arizona 11/06/2018
Anaheim California 11/06/2018
Chula Vista California 11/06/2018
Irvine California 11/06/2018
Long Beach California 04/11/2018 Mayor Robert Garcia (D) (Inc.) - WINNER
San Bernandino California 11/06/2018
San Francisco California 06/05/2018 London Breed (D) - WINNER
San Jose California 06/05/2018 Mayor Sam Liccardo (D) (Inc.) - WINNER
Santa Ana California 11/06/2018
Orange County Florida 11/06/2018
Lexington Kentucky 11/06/2018
Louisville Kentucky 11/06/2018
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 02/13/2018 David Holt (R) - WINNER
Austin Texas 11/06/2018
Corpus Christi Texas 11/06/2018
Laredo Texas 11/06/2018
Lubbock Texas 05/05/2018 Mayor Dan Pope (R) (Inc.) - WINNER
Washington, D.C. N/A 11/06/2018
Nashville Tennessee 05/24/2018 David Briley - WINNER