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SM,  April 23, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The National Association of State Budget Officers will hold its Spring Meeting 4/24/2014 through 4/26/2014 in Savannah, Georgia. The meeting will feature a discussion titled “Medicaid & Health Care: Impact from the Affordable Care Act” with Jerry Dubberly of the Georgia Department of Community Health, Division of Medicaid and John Supra, Director for Operations and Information Management and Chief Information Officer with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. There will also be updates from the Health and Human Services Committee regarding Reforming States Group Health Projects.  Constance Campanella at


The Committee on Health will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss S.B. 1176, which requires a health care service plan or health insurer to be responsible for monitoring the accrual of out-of-pocket costs.  Kelsey Lovell at

The Committee on Appropriations will meet 4/28/2014 to discuss S.B. 1046, which grants the Insurance Commissioner the authority to assess administrative penalties against insurers for violations of not providing coverage for behavioral health treatment and for pervasive developmental disorders or autism.  Kelsey Lovell at

The Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’ Compensation will accept comments through 4/28/2014 regarding proposed amendments to rules impacting hospital outpatient departments’ and ambulatory surgical centers’ fee schedules.  Melissa Martin at


The Department of Health and Social Services will accept comments through 4/30/2014 regarding proposed updates to eligibility requirements in order to qualify for medical insurance coverage under the Delaware Cancer Treatment Program.  Amy Goldlust at


The Health Information Exchange Policy Board will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss issues that affect health information technology and District policies.  Amy Goldlust at


The Board of Pharmacy will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss proposed revisions impacting the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The proposed revisions amend rules relating to the electronic reports that must be submitted to the Program.  Amy Goldlust at


The Board of Pharmacy will hold a hearing 4/29/2014 to discuss proposed amendments to rules concerning pharmacy record keeping. The proposed amendments establish record maintenance requirements, require identification of drug prescribers, list the types of pharmacy information systems to be used, and outline security and confidentiality requirements.  David Owens at


The Joint Judiciary Committee will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss H.B. 1268, which authorizes a qualified medical assistant to administer a vaccination or immunization at the direction of a practitioner.  Mark Japinga at


The Health Insurance Exchange Board will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss revisions to its plan of operation.  Melissa Martin at

The Board of Pharmacy will meet 4/24/2014 and 4/25/2014 to discuss draft amendments to the controlled substances rule. The amendments move dronabinol from a schedule II to a schedule III substance and clarify the drug scheduling.  Melissa Martin at


The House Committee on Health Care will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss S.B. 252, which stipulates that to the extent permitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange shall permit qualified employers to purchase qualified health benefit plans through the Exchange website, through navigators, by telephone, or directly from a health insurer under contract with the Exchange.  Kelsey Lovell at

The House Committee on Judiciary will meet 4/24/2014 to discuss S.B. 295, which requires the Secretary of Human Services to adopt rules requiring all Medicaid participating providers, whether licensed in or outside Vermont, to query the Vermont Prescription Monitoring System prior to prescribing buprenorphine or a drug containing buprenorphine to a Vermont Medicaid beneficiary.  Kelsey Lovell at


The Advisory Committee on Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation will meet 4/24/2014. The Committee meets periodically to provide the Department of Labor and Industry with input and advice related to the provider network.  David Owens at

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