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A Florida interim?

An interim for Florida is somewhat of a misnomer. Florida legislators will actively file legislation, hold committee hearings, amend bills and vote legislation out of committee. This autumnal activity is driven by the multiple committee referrals per every piece of legislation filed. A bill will go through the multiple committee process only once and only in one chamber. Before session begins, a majority of bills will at least have been heard in committee; some may have made it through all their committees of reference; however, it is not until the Legislature gavels in this January that can bills be voted on by the full floor.

In anticipation of the 2016 Legislative Session, both the House and Senate have released bills addressing:

  • A Comprehensive Water Policy
  • Property Rights and Taxes
  • Medicinal Marijuana

With the Regular Session beginning in January instead of March, legislation is moving through the process earlier than usual. For any questions related to Florida or any other states’ legislative procedures, please contact Jake Bookwalter, Vice President, Legislative Services at

For the Week of November 30, 2015 

The following 6 state legislatures are meeting actively this week: ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA and WISCONSIN.


For the most current information on partisan splits, bill introduction deadlines and the 2015 legislative session, go to:


The Conference of Western Attorneys General will hold its Winter Dinner December 1 in Charleston, South Carolina. Steve Arthur at

The National Association of Attorneys General will hold its Fall Meeting December 1-3 in Charleston, South Carolina. Steve Arthur at

The American City County Exchange will hold its Policy Summit December 2-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael Behm at

The American Legislative Exchange Council will hold its States and Nation Policy Summit December 2-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael Behm at

The National Black Caucus of State Legislators will hold its Annual Legislative Conference December 2-5 in Los Angeles, California. Meghan Holihan at

The Western Governors’ Association will hold its Winter Meeting December 4-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael Behm at

The State Legislative Leaders Foundation will hold its Board Meeting and Leadership Roundtable December 4-6 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Michael Behm at


The Joint Committee on Public Pensions will meet December 1 to address the state-administered retirement system. Vytas Aukstuolis at


The Senate Health Policy Committee will meet December 1 to discuss S.B. 504, which pertains to the certification of an electrologist who uses a laser or pulsed-light device. Tyler Jones at


The Senate Study Committee on Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders will meet December 3 to discuss treatment and prevention of youth substance use disorders. Holly Yanai at


The Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing December 1 to discuss proposed amendments to the Massachusetts Low Emission Vehicle Program. Stefanie Frank at

The Joint Committee on Public Health will hold hearings December 3 on measures relating to pharmacy issues. Allison Rollins at


The Task Force for Examining Statewide Medical Delivery Models will meet December 1 to receive a presentation on Florida’s Medicaid Managed Care Delivery Model by Florida’s Deputy Secretary of Medicaid. Allison Rollins at


The Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee will meet November 30-December 2 to discuss the Tax Increment Finance Study and the Highway State Special Revenue Account Study. Holly Yanai at


The Niagara County Legislature will meet December 1 to discuss a local law prohibiting the sale of personal cosmetic products containing microbeads. Mike McNamee at


The Political Subdivision Taxation Interim Committee will meet December 1-2 to discuss committee studies relating to economic development tax incentives. Arielle McAloon at


The Department of Health and Environmental Control will hold a public engagement session December 1 to discuss the state energy plan and the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 111(d) Clean Power Plan. Stefanie Frank at


The Health Insurance Reform Commission will meet December 1 to discuss measures regarding health care plans offered through the state exchange, caps on cost share for specialty tier drugs, abuse deterrent formulations for opioid medications and small employer rate increases for 2016 health care plans. Allison Rollins at

The Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority will meet December 3 to coordinate and support the development of the solar energy industry in the state. John Keane at


The Senate Law and Justice Committee will meet November 30 to discuss flash mobs and the Washington State Patrol Criminal History Performance Audit. Claire Smyth at


The Joint Subcommittee on Title 25 will met November 30 to discuss mental health and substance abuse centers as well as L.S.O. 132, which relates to involuntary hospitalization. Allison Rollins at