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This Week in Health Care
SM,  May 4, 2016

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council will hold its Spring Task Force Summit May 6 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Health and Human Services Task Force will meet during the summit. Michael Behm at


The Senate Committee on Appropriations will hold a public hearing May 9 regarding S.B. 932, which requires any person intending to merge with, consolidate, acquire, purchase or control any health care service plan or risk-bearing organization to give notice to and secure prior approval from the Director of the Department of Managed Health Care. Arielle Woodmore at


The House Committee on Health, Insurance and Environment will hold a public hearing May 5 regarding S.B. 170, which authorizes the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to purchase individual health insurance through the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange for individuals who are eligible for Medicaid but prefer private insurance. Zack Cairns at

The Senate Finance Committee will hold a public hearing May 5 regarding H.B. 1361, which prohibits a health benefit plan or pharmacy benefit management firm that covers pharmaceutical services from restricting a covered person’s ability to select or use a pharmacy or pharmacist; imposing a co-payment, fee or other cost-sharing requirement for making a selection; or denying a selected pharmacy or pharmacist the right to participate in any of its pharmacy network contracts or as a contracting provider in the state if the pharmacy or pharmacist has a valid license in the state. Zack Cairns at


The Board of Pharmacy will hold a public hearing May 5 regarding a proposed rule addressing collaborate practice agreements between physicians and pharmacists. Melissa Martin at


The Legislature’s Administrative Regulations Review Subcommittee will meet May 10 to review the Board of Nursing’s adopted rule establishing requirements governing the use of telehealth for nurses. Stefanie Frank at


The House Committee on Health and Welfare will hold a public hearing May 4 regarding S.B. 328, which eliminates the requirement that either a physician practicing telemedicine must maintain a physical practice location in the state or affirms that they have an arrangement for referrals with a physician in the state. Zack Cairns at


The House Select Committee on Financial Institutions and Taxation will hold a public hearing May 5 regarding S.B. 794, which creates a sales tax exemption for all sales, rentals, accessories, repairs and parts of durable medical equipment including prosthetic devices, as well as for parts and accessories for certain types of health care related equipment. Arielle Woodmore at


The Department of Health and Human Services will hold a workshop May 9 regarding possible amendments to the Medicaid Service Manual concerning mental health and alcohol and substance abuse services. Stefanie Frank at


The Senate Health Committee will hold a public hearing May 4 regarding S.B. 6516, which concerns reporting requirements for the sale and dispensing of opioid antagonists by entities and pharmacists and the purchasing and distribution of opioid antagonists by hospitals, diagnostic treatment centers, clinics, medical practices and organizations registered as an opioid overdose prevention program. Isabella DeBono at


The House Health and Aging Committee will hold a public hearing May 4 regarding H.B. 505, which concerns biological and interchangeable biological products. Zack Cairns at


The Department of Labor and Regulation will hold a public hearing May 10 regarding proposed amendments to the state’s fee schedule. Erika Duthely at