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SM,  September 10, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) will hold its 100th Annual Conference 9/14/2014 through 9/17/2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sessions titled “Is There a Pill for That?” “Empowered Employees in the New World of Healthcare,” and “Healthy Collaborations: A Road Map to Cross-Jurisdictional Partnerships in Local Public Health” will be held during the Conference. Michael Behm at 


The Department of Public Health will hold a public hearing 9/12/2014 to discuss amendments to rules concerning the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database. The amendments clarify who should report to the database and update the reporting period to a daily basis. Becky Lukaesko at 


The Senate Medicaid Care Management Organizations Credentialing Study Committee will meet 9/15/2014 in order to hear testimony from providers about the credentialing process. Patrick Gallaher at 

The Board of Community Health will hold a meeting 9/11/2014 to vote on changes to the methods and standards for setting payment rates for services under several programs. The changes will increase rates for designated services, establish rates for new services, and remove skilled nursing services from its bundled rate methodology linked to community residential or home-based community living support services. Becky Lukaesko at 


The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing 9/15/2014 to discuss S.B. 2164, which prohibits dental carriers from requiring, either directly or indirectly, that a dentist provide services to a covered individual at a fee set by or subject to approval by the carrier unless the dental services are covered under the individual’s preexisting dental plan. Jeremy Haines at 


The Board of Pharmacy will hold a public hearing 9/16/2014 to discuss amendments to compounding rules. The amendments will restructure the licensing requirements for compounding pharmacists. Carter Alleman at 


The Administrative Regulation Review Committee will meet 9/15/2014 to review amendments to rules concerning pharmacies and wholesalers. The amendments affect out-of-state pharmacies, fees, and updates to the drug monitoring program. Becky Lukaesko at 


The Department of Medicaid will hold a public hearing 9/11/2014 to discuss proposed rule amendments to the Medicaid drug list covered without prior authorization. The proposed amendments will a add drug class of antidepressants that do not require prior authorization when prescribed by a psychiatrist. Carter Alleman at 


The Health Authority will hold a hearing 9/16/2014 to discuss amendments to the Prior Authorization Guide. The amendments impact Central Nervous Sedatives, Hepatitis B Antivirals, Multi-vitamins, and Antioxidant Multi-vitamin Combinations. Amy Goldlust at 


The Department of Health is holding a public hearing 9/10/2014 to discuss amendments regarding ambulatory surgical treatment centers. The proposed rules will modify definitions concerning patient’s rights. Carter Alleman at 


The Green Mountain Care Board will meet 9/11/2014 to discuss hospital budgets. David Owens at 


The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission will meet 9/11/2014 to discuss amendments to rules related to wholesale pharmacy. The amendments concern the definition and interpretation of “for emergency medical reasons.” David Owens at