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This Week in Health Care
SM,  August 27, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Joint Health Services Subcommittee meets 8/27/2014 discuss developing a diabetes action plan for the state of Arkansas. Jeremy Haines at

The Joint Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss the implementation of the Arkansas Healthcare Independence Act (Private Option). Individuals from the Department of Human Services, Arkansas Insurance Department, and Arkansas Center for Health Improvement will be providing presentations and testimony regarding the Private Option’s proposed implementation. Jeremy Haines at


The Health Benefit Exchange Board will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss the operation of the Exchange. Carter Alleman at


The Medicaid Care Management Organizations Credentialing Study Committee meets 8/27/2014 to begin deliberations regarding the creation of a standardized application process for Medicaid providers in Georgia. Patrick Gallaher at


The Interim Study Committee on Fiscal Policy will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss options regarding the implementation of a state-based health exchange, the status of the operation of the federal exchange in the state, the definition of “essential health benefits” to be used in the state under the Affordable Care Act, and access to consumer choice of health care providers. Patrick Gallaher at

The Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services will meet on 8/28/2014 to discuss the implementation of a high-cost management program for individuals who incur more than $1.5 million in claim costs under a health plan. Patrick Gallaher at


The Human Services Committee will meet 8/28/2014 to receive presentations regarding the use of electronic health records in North Dakota, including the potential use of the electronic health record system to facilitate a behavioral health data repository. The Committee will also receive a presentation from the North Dakota Insurance Department regarding potential changes in insurance coverage relating to behavioral health services. Jeremy Haines at


The Department of Medicaid is accepting comments through 8/27/2014 regarding draft amendments to the managed care programs. Carter Alleman at


The Health Insurance Exchange will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss issues related to the implementation and operation of Oregon’s health insurance exchange. Amy Goldlust at

The Workers’ Compensation Division will accept comments through 8/29/2014 regarding proposed revisions to existing rules governing Health Benefit Plans. Amy Goldlust at


The Utah Health Reform Task Force will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss options regarding expanding Medicaid eligibility in the state of Utah, as well an economic analysis of Governor Gary Herbert’s Healthy Utah proposal. The Task Force will also receive a report from the Utah Department of Health on the State Innovations Model Grant proposal, including the portion addressing the integration of physical and behavioral health. Jeremy Haines at


The Health Benefit Exchange Board will meet 8/28/2014 to discuss exchange plan certification and to receive enrollment updates. David Owens at