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This Week in Health Care
SM,  July 30, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council will hold its 41st Annual Meeting 7/30/2014 through 8/1/2014 in Dallas, Texas. The meeting will give legislators, policy experts and business leaders the opportunity to exchange and share ideas. The Health and Human Services Task Force will meet 7/31/2014. Dusty Brighton at

The Council of State Governments, Eastern Regional Conference will hold its 54th Annual Meeting and Regional Policy Forum 8/3/2014 through 8/6/2014 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Health Committee will host a panel discussion with updates from states that have expanded Medicaid coverage titled “Medicaid Updates from CMS and the States.” Michael Behm at

The Directors of Health Promotion and Education will hold its Annual Meeting 8/4/2014 through 8/5/2014 in Denver, Colorado. The meeting will feature an address from Dr. David Erickson, Director of the Center for Community Development Investments at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, regarding the importance of public health and community development sectors working collaboratively; and Shelli Bischoff-Turner, founder and president of Conservation Impact and Nonprofit, who will facilitate a special half-day interactive workshop regarding partnership development. Robert Holden at


The Board of Medical Examiners will accept comments through 8/5/2014 regarding proposed permanent rules concerning Zohydro ER. The rule provides requirements that must be met before a physician can order, administer, dispense, or prescribe Zohydro ER. Becky Lukaesko at


The Committee on Appropriations will meet 8/4/2014 to discuss A.B. 1558, which requests the University of California to establish the California Health Data Organization. The organization would collect data from payers and establish an all-payer claims database and require private payers to submit claims data to the organization on utilization, payment, and cost sharing for services delivered to beneficiaries. Kelsey Lovell at

The Committee on Appropriations will meet 8/4/2014 to discuss A.B. 1759, which requires the Department of Health Care Services to contract with an independent entity for purposes of conducting an independent assessment of Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates, access to care, and the quality of care received in the Medi-Cal program. Kelsey Lovell at

The Committee on Appropriations will meet 8/4/2014 to discuss A.B. 1877, which establishes the California Vision Care Access Council and would require that the Council be governed by the California Health Benefit Exchange Board. Kelsey Lovell at


The Division of Workers’ Compensation accepts comments through 7/30/2014 regarding proposed rule amendments to the Workers Compensation fee schedule and utilization standards. Carter Alleman at


The Department of Health and Social Services will accept comments through 7/31/2014 regarding an amendment to its State Medicaid Plan concerning additional codes eligible for enhanced primary care payments. Amy Goldlust at


The Senate and House Committees on Health will hold a joint informational briefing 8/5/2014 to receive an update from the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation regarding their electronic medical records system. Jeremy Haines at


The Office of Health Policy will accept comments through 7/31/2014 regarding  draft rule amendments to the Certificate of Need requirements. Carter Alleman at


The Health Services Committee meets 7/30/2014 to discuss dental services related to Medicaid. The discussion and presentations will include payment rates, billing, and reimbursement for dental services provided by a dentist or dental therapist. Kelsey Lovell at


The Board of Pharmacy will accept comments through 7/31/2014 regarding proposed amendments to rules concerning Ambulatory Surgical Center and Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Center pharmacies. David Owens at