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This Week in Health Care
SM,  October 1, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The State Board of Medical Examiners will accept comments until 10/3/2014 regarding new rules concerning Limited Purpose Schedule II Permits for qualified physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives. Becky Lukaesko at 

The Department of Public Health will accept comments until 10/5/2014 regarding proposed amendments to rules concerning the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database. Becky Lukaesko at 


The Labor and Commerce committee will hold meetings 10/7/2014 and 10/8/2014 to discuss the recent insurance rate increases for individuals who purchased coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Shelby King at 


The Board of Pharmacy will hold a hearing 10/8/2014 to discuss proposed amendments to its rules governing when pharmacists may substitute a therapeutically equivalent drug if allowed by a prescriber. David Owens at 


The Health Care Commission will meet 10/2/2014 to review matters pertaining to the health exchange and to discuss the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Models Project. Amy Goldlust at 


The Board of Medicine will accept comments until 10/3/2014 regarding proposed amendments to a rule concerning protocols for laser and light-based devices. Becky Lukaesko at 


The Senate Medicaid Care Management Organizations Credentialing Study Committee will meet 10/6/2014 to hear testimony from providers about the credentialing process in Georgia. Patrick Gallaher at 


The Health Policy Committee will hold a hearing 10/2/2014 to discuss S.B. 1052, which allows for an individual’s mental health information to be disclosed if it is for the coordination of care, quality assurance, utilization review, payment necessary for treatment or another service related to the delivery of mental health services. Patrick Gallaher at 


The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee will hold a hearing 10/2/2014 to discuss A.B. 1247, which requires health benefits coverage for mammograms for women under 40 who lack access to a family medical history due to their adoption or their parent’s adoption. Jeremy Haines at 


The State Workers’ Compensation Board is accepting comments through 10/1/2014 regarding potential changes to the State’s Medical Fee Schedule for Workers Compensation. Carter Alleman at 


The Health Care Reform Review Committee meets 10/1/2014 to discuss bill drafts pertaining to the Committee’s studies of health care reform options. The Committee will also receive and discuss information regarding to the immediate needs and challenges of North Dakota’s health care delivery system and the feasibility of developing a plan for a private health care model that will comply with the Affordable Care Act. Jeremy Haines at 


The State Board of Pharmacy will hold a regular meeting 10/7/2014 and 10/8/2014 to deliberate on potential regulatory amendments and policies pertaining to pharmacist and technician licensure requirements and controlled substances. Amy Goldlust at 


The Green Mountain Care Board will meet 10/2/2014 to discuss Accountable Care Organization standards and hospital budgets. David Owens at