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This Week in Health CareSM, February 25, 2015

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The National Conference of Insurance Legislators will hold its Spring Meeting 2/27/2015 through 3/1/2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. The Meeting will include a general session titled “Drug Prices: How Much Is Too Much? And Where Will States Draw the Line?” In addition, the Health, Long-Term Care and Health Retirement Issues Committee will meet and discuss coverage for obesity treatments. Robert Holden at


The Joint Committee on Insurance and Real Estate will hold a hearing 2/26/2015 to discuss S.B. 753, which requires the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange to hold a public hearing and gain legislative approval prior to the changing of any assessment or user fee to health carriers. Patrick Gallaher at


The Agency for Health Care Administration will hold a public meeting 3/3/2015 to discuss amendments to a rule concerning practitioner services to incorporate by reference updated policies. Becky Lukaesko at


The Board of Pharmacy will accept comments until 3/2/2015 regarding proposed rules impacting the requirements for wholesale prescription drug distributors. Amy Goldlust at


The House Judiciary-Civil Committee will hold a hearing 2/26/2015 to discuss H.B. 496, which stipulates that a manufacturer of an investigational drug, biological product or device may make available and an eligible patient may request the manufacturer’s investigational drug, biological product or device under this act. Meghan Pudeler at


The Board of Medical Examiners will hold a hearing 2/26/2015 on proposed amendments to its telehealth requirements. David Owens at


The Committee on Insurance and Financial Services will hold a hearing 2/26/2015 to discuss L.D. 251, which states that an enrollee’s responsibility for the cost of covered health care rendered by an out-of-network provider in the hospital or other health care facility of a participating provider is limited to the cost-sharing provisions expressly disclosed in the contract for services rendered by participating providers. Shelby King at


The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing 3/2/2015 to discuss S.B. 176, which stipulates that direct primary care resulting from a primary care provider entering a primary care agreement is not insurance and the primary care provider shall not be subject to the requirements of accident and health insurance under certain circumstances. Patrick Gallaher at


The Senate Health Committee will meet 2/26/2015 to discuss S.B. 3687, which requires the Department of Health to oversee a program for the safe disposal of unused controlled substances. Meghan Pudeler at


The Senate Health Care Committee will meet 3/2/2015 to discuss S.B. 147, which changes communication requirements for pharmacy or pharmacists that substitute biological products. Meghan Pudeler at   

The Health Policy Board will hold a meeting 3/3/2015 to discuss and provide input on work to spread the Coordinated Care Model beyond Medicaid to the Public Employees’ Benefit Board, the Oregon Educators Benefit Board, and commercial coverage. Amy Goldlust at


The Senate Health and Welfare Committee meets 2/25/2015 to discuss S.B. 409, which authorizes pharmacists to participate in pharmacy drug disposal programs. Patrick Gallaher at


The Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions will hold hearings 3/2/2015, 3/3/2015 and 3/4/2015 to discuss A.B. 21, which states that pharmacists who completed the specified training will receive Medical Assistance reimbursements for administering vaccines to individuals aged 6 through 18. Patrick Gallaher at