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This Week in Health Care
SM,  October 22, 2014

Every Wednesday, Stateside Associates selects some health care-related state events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Board of Pharmacy will meet 10/28/2014 to discuss rule amendments to update the self-assessment forms for pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers, and compounding pharmacies. Melissa Martin at


The House Appropriations Committee and House Human Services Committee meet 10/22/2014 to discuss proposed changes to Medicaid waivers. Patrick Gallaher at


The Board of Medicine will accept comments until 10/24/2014 regarding proposed amendments to rules concerning approved forms, applications, and procedures. The amendments will clarify financial responsibility requirements and adopt updated forms. Becky Lukaesko at


The Board of Pharmacy meets 10/22/2014 to discuss amendments to rules concerning pharmacy licenses, nonresident pharmacy permits, manufacturer’s permits, and recordkeeping requirements. Becky Lukaesko at


The Board of Pharmacy is holding a public hearing 10/22/2014 to discuss amendments to the state’s compounding rules. The amendments incorporate federal regulations concerning compounding. Maia Falconi-Sachs at


The Health Policy Committee meets 10/22/2014 to discuss S.B. 1052, which allows for an individual’s mental health information to be shared if it is for or related to the delivery of mental health services. Patrick Gallaher at


The Health and Human Services Committee will meet 10/24/2014 to discuss methods of behavioral health workforce development. Shelby King at


The House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee will hold an executive session 10/23/2014 to discuss H.B. 1328, which requires health insurance exchange navigators to be licensed by the Insurance Department and to submit to a background check as a condition of licensure. Patrick Gallaher at


The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee will hold a hearing 10/23/2014 to discuss S.B. 562, which requires a health service corporation, when compiling or maintaining computerized records that include personal information, to secure the information by encryption or by any other method or technology rendering it unreadable, undecipherable or otherwise unusable by an unauthorized person. Jeremy Haines at


The Workers’ Compensation Division is holding a rulemaking hearing 10/22/2014 to discuss proposed amendments to rules governing electronic data interchange for proof of coverage. Amy Goldlust at


The Medicaid Health Information Exchange Advisory Committee will meet 10/23/2014 to discuss statewide health information exchange activities and the Electronic Health Record incentive program. David Owens at


The Health Reform Task Force will meet 10/23/2014 to receive an update regarding Governor Gary R. Herbert’s negotiations of his Healthy Utah proposal with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally the Task Force will discuss other options for expanding health care coverage. Jeremy Haines at


The Green Mountain Care Board will meet 10/23/2014 to discuss and potentially vote on Quality and Performance Measure Changes for Year 2 of Vermont’s Accountable Care Organization shared savings programs. David Owens at


The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission will meet 10/23/2014 to discuss pharmaceutical compounding and prescription monitoring rules. David Owens at