Stateside® Weekly Roundup

Sarah Hunt helped a client develop a multi-state strategy to influence a federal rulemaking. Steve Arthur assisted clients at the recent Republican Governors Association (RGA) meeting. Dusty Brighton and Steve Arthur represented clients at the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) Fall Policy Conference. Connie Campanella drafted talking points for an association client to use in an internal presentation about the 2015 state legislative sessions. Mark Anderson developed a strategy to follow up from a recent Groups meeting. Josh Fisher participated in an Alliance for Health Reform briefing about network adequacy with a client. Michael Behm and Heather Williams participated in a strategic planning meeting with a national client and key stakeholders about its 2015 legislative and regulatory priorities. Robert Holden prepared comments for a health care client addressing the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model legislation. 

For the Week of September 29, 2014 

The following 4 state legislatures are meeting actively this week: MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY and OHIO.


For the most current information on Governors, Partisan Splits and the 2014 legislative sessions, go to:


The Stateside Associates website has updated information about the 2015 Bill Introduction Deadlines and 2015 State Legislative Session Dates.


Below is the volume of select issues discussed over Twitter by state legislators during the last week. Click here to find out how we can monitor your issues as they are discussed on social media by state legislators.



The National Association of Attorneys General will hold its Eastern Region Meeting September 30 – October 1 in Providence, Rhode Island. Steve Arthur at

The Coastal States Organization will hold its Fall Meeting October 1-3 in Astoria, Oregon. Mark Anderson at

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee will hold its Eastern Leadership Conference October 1-2 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Heather Williams at

The Democratic Governors Association will hold its Fall Policy Conference October 2-3 in Middleburg, Virginia. Mark Anderson at


The Joint Legislative Budget Committee will meet September 30 to discuss tuition revenues, legal settlements and administrative security enhancement projects. Sarah Hofmann at


The Joint Committee on Education will meet October 1 to discuss fiscal issues related to the 2014 Adequacy Report, which explores the monetary and non-monetary value of aspects of the public education system in the state. Sarah Hofmann at

The Joint Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs will meet October 1 to discuss Article V of the Constitution, which allows states to call a convention to restrict the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Sarah Hofmann at


The Assembly Committees on Judiciary, Business, Professions and Consumer Protection and Health and the Senate Committees on Judiciary, Business, Professions and Economic Development and Health will hold a joint hearing September 29 about Proposition 46: The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act of 2014. Shelby King at

The Air Resources Board will hold a public workshop September 29 to discuss amendments to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Melissa Martin at

The Los Angeles City Council will meet September 30 to discuss an increase in non-compliance inspection fees for buildings, other structures, open uses, signs, licenses and equipment. [AgendaWilliam Higgins at

The Berkeley City Council will meet September 30 to discuss the adoption of a resolution supporting fast food workers and the “Low Pay is not OK” campaign, as well as nation-wide strikes to help procure living wages, better working conditions and their right to form a union without retaliation. [AgendaWilliam Higgins at


The Task Force on Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry will hold an informal committee meeting October 2. Ali Legros at


The Washington D.C. Council Committee on Human Services will meet October 1 to conduct a public hearing about the human impact of the 41.7% cut in Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) benefits. [Public Notice] William Higginsat


The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will hold a hearing September 30 to receive testimony about commercial vehicle requirements in the state. Jonathan Curry at


The Pollution Control Agency’s Silica Sand Advisory Panel will meet October 1 to discuss regulatory developments pertaining to silica sand operations. Amy Goldlust at


The Juvenile Justice Task Force will meet October 1 to discuss the long term fiscal impacts of treating youth in the adult criminal system and to review research to determine the best practice for handling offenses committed by juveniles in the court system. Stephen Hellier at


The Board of Respiratory Care will hold a public hearing September 29 about proposed amendments to rules concerning licensure. Becky Lukaesko at


The Interim Committee to Study State Procurement will meet September 30. Melissa Luke at

The Interim Commission to Study Regulatory Requirements for Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers will meet September 30 to discuss current regulations and their effectiveness. Jonathan Curry at


The Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing October 1 to discuss amendments to the Coastal Permit Application fees. Maia Falconi-Sachs at


The New York City Council Committee on Higher Education will meet September 30 to discuss reducing the cost of college textbooks. [AgendaWilliam Higgins at


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will hold a public hearing October 1 to discuss temporary rules regarding Title V permitting for greenhouse gases. Carter Alleman at


The Economic Impact Committee will meet September 29 to discuss federal transportation funding and the status of various transportation projects. Stephen Hellier at


The Judiciary Committee will meet September 30 to hear H.B. 573, which relates to Patent Infringement Lawsuits and bad faith assertions of patent infringement. Stephen Hellier at


The House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Common Education will meet September 30 to discuss education funding for students and what qualifies as adequate resources for classrooms. Stephen Hellier at


The Environmental Regulation Committee will meet September 29-30 to hear invited testimony about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan. Ali Legros at

The Austin City Council will meet October 2 to discuss an authorization to negotiate and execute a power purchase agreement for a community solar project. [AgendaWilliam Higgins at


The Health Reform Oversight Committee will meet September 30 to discuss the health care exchange and recent and future work products related to health care reform. Meghan Pudeler at

The Vermont PreKindergarten-16 Council will hold a public hearing October 2 to discuss expanded learning time and upcoming legislation for the 2015 session.  Andrew Ausel at


The Distributed Solar Generation and Net Metering Stakeholder Group will meet October 3 to discuss the costs and benefits of distributed solar generation and net metering. Amy Goldlust at