Stateside® Weekly Roundup

Connie Campanella, Steve Arthur and Dusty Brighton began work for a client seeking to protect its intellectual property. Michael Behm participated in the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) National Meeting on behalf of clients. Mark Anderson participated in an environmental policy meeting with state regulators on behalf of a client. Sarah Hunt evaluated political giving strategies for a client. Heather Williams identified engagement opportunities for a client within The Council of State Governments (CSG) State Pathways to Prosperity Leadership Initiative. Josh Fisher briefed a client about how local officials are addressing an issue. John Howell participated in the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Summer Committee Meetings on behalf of clients.

For the Week of July 21, 2014 

The following 3 state legislatures are meeting actively this week: MASSACHUSETTS, NEW JERSEY and NORTH CAROLINA.

Also meeting: PUERTO RICO

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Below is the volume of select issues discussed over Twitter by state legislators during the last week. Click here tofind out how we can monitor your issues as they are discussed on social media by state legislators.



The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies will hold its Annual Conference July 17-23 in San Antonio, Texas. Mark Anderson at

The Conference of Western Attorneys General will hold its Annual Meeting July 20-23 in Park City, Utah. Steve Arthur at

The National Association of State Budget Officers will hold its Annual Meeting July 20-23 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Meghan Holihan at

The Democratic Governors Association will hold its Senior Staff Summit July 21-22 in Leesburg, Virginia. Mark Anderson at

The Republican Lieutenant Governors Association will hold its Summer Meeting July 22-23 in Girdwood, Alaska. Michael Behm at

The National Lieutenant Governors Association will hold its Annual Meeting July 23-25 in Girdwood, Alaska. Mark Anderson at

The National League of Cities will hold its Summer Board of Directors and Policy Meetings July 24-26 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Heather Williams at

The Council of State Governments Southern Legislative Conference will hold its Annual Meeting July 26-30 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Michael Behm at


The Sierra Vista Environmental Affairs Commission will meet July 23 to discuss plastic bag ordinance and policy. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Joint Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor will meet July 24-25 to hear a presentation about the private health care option and the Community First Choice State Plan Option; to discuss proposed rules relating to psychology interns providing various services under supervision to patients; and to discuss a proposed rule regarding the application of fluoride varnish by dentists, physicians and nurse practitioners. Shelby King at


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will meet July 22 to consider an ordinance establishing a procedure for maintaining and registering vacant of abandoned commercial storefronts. [Agenda] William Higgins at

The Building Standards Commission will meet July 22 to discuss proposed updates to the building code regarding zero emission vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations. Melissa Martin at


The District Council Committee on Economic Development will meet July 23 to discuss bill 20-0805, which approves the development of a Major League Soccer Stadium. [Calendar] William Higgins at


A primary runoff election will be held July 22 to decide the races from the May 20 primaries where no candidate received a majority of votes, including House and Senate seats. Trevor Mitchell at

The Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division will hold a public meeting July 24 to discuss amendments to the Flint River drought protection rules. Becky Lukaesko at


The Committee on Health and the Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce will hold an informational briefing July 21 to receive updates from the Hawaii Health Connector about the continued implementation of the insurance exchange and the Affordable Care Act. Shelby King at


The Chicago Committee on License and Consumer Protection will meet July 23 to consider an ordinance requiring secondhand cellular phone dealers to catalogue additional information when purchasing cellular phones. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Commission on Proprietary Education will hold a public hearing July 22 to discuss proposed rule amendments concerning applications, permits and renewals for proprietary schools. Carter Alleman at


The Baton Rouge City Council will meet July 23 to consider an ordinance regulating vehicles for hire and rideshare companies. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Legislative Oversight Committee will meet July 22 to receive and discuss the MNsure’s, State Health Insurance Exchange, most recent enrollment figures. Jeremy Haines at


The Assembly Environmental and Solid Waste Committee will meet July 21 to hear updates about the health of the Barnegat Bay. Andrew Ricca at

The Senate Environment and Energy Committee will meet July 21 to hear S.B 579 and S.B. 575, which relate to the creation of storm water utility and sewer overflows. Ali Legros at


The New York City Committee on Immigration will meet July 22 to consider a resolution urging the President to include comprehensive immigration reform on the agenda of an upcoming leadership summit. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Senate Higher Education Committee will hold a public hearing July 22 to discuss the impact of technology and online courses in higher education. Steven Gassenberger at

The Higher Education Coordinating Board will meet July 24 to discuss proposed amendments to rules related to institutional eligibility for the B-On-Time Loan Program. David Owens at


The Joint Education Task Force will meet July 22 to discuss a new funding formula for higher education. Stephen Hellier at


The Health Care Oversight Committee will meet July 24 to discuss an economic analysis of health care reform in the state as well as the Health Care Claims Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System. Meghan Pudeler at


The Seattle City Council will meet July 21 to consider a measure modifying the city’s sustainable and living building policies. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Division of Natural Resources will accept comments through July 23 about a proposed rule limiting boating access which adds Cooper’s Rock Lake to the list of restricted lakes. Amy Goldlust at