Stateside® Weekly Roundup

Dusty Brighton advised a client about how to best assemble an advocacy coalition with multiple members. Sarah Hunt helped a client retain healthcare lobbyists. Steve Arthur assisted a client in preparing for upcoming internal budget discussions. Josh Fisher participated in a call with state regulators on behalf of a client. Heather Williams and Michael Behm spoke with state officials Groups staff and a client about participation in a state policy academy. Robert Holden presented a state policy overview to a health care association client’s members. Mark Anderson advised a client about a grasstops strategy to impact a federal rulemaking. 

For the Week of September 1, 2014 

The following 3 state legislatures are meeting actively this week: MASSACHUSETTS, NEW JERSEY and OHIO.

Also meeting:PUERTO RICO

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Below is the volume of select issues discussed over Twitter by state legislators during the last week. Click here to find out how we can monitor your issues as they are discussed on social media by state legislators.



The National Association of State Procurement Officials will hold its Annual Conference September 7-10 in Burlington, Vermont. Steve Arthur at


The House and Senate Judiciary Committees will meet with the House Parks and Tourism Subcommittee of Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee September 4 to discuss broadband in the state. Melissa Luke at


The Energy Commission is accepting comments through September 2 regarding the development of the 2014 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update. Melissa Martin at

The Huntington Beach City Council will meet September 2 to consider measures dealing with single use bags. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Water Resources Interim Committee will meet September 4 -5 to hear public comments about the implementation of new water rules passed during the 2014 session. Christopher Mitton at


The Energy Utilities and Telecommunications Interim Study Committee will meet September 2 to consider water resource issues and to discuss the annual report for underground utility facilities. Ali Legros at


The Pollution Control Agency is accepting comments through September 3 about the proposed air emission General Permit, applicable to certain manufacturing sources located in Minnesota.  Amy Goldlust at

The Minneapolis City Charter Commission will meet September 3 to consider forming a task force to make changes to the city’s plain language chart. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Board of Public Accountants is accepting comments through September 5 about proposed amendments to clarify and update rules. Becky Lukaesko at

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee will meet September 8 to discuss renewable portfolio standards within the state and hear recommendations from business and community leaders, as well as hear public comment about the new EPA 111(d) regulations. Christopher Mitton at


The Economic and Rural Development Committee will meet September 2-3 to discuss issues related to telecommunications and broadband access. Andrew Ausel

The Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) Board will meet September 3 to discuss rulemaking regarding the LEA curriculum. Maia Falconi-Sachs at


The Las Vegas City Council will meet September 3 to conduct a public hearing about $96 million in general obligation bonds. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The New York Committee on Environmental Protection will meet September 4 to consider a resolution recognizing the dangers of climate change to human health and the environment. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Respiratory Care Board will meet September 4 to discuss proposed rule amendments to the continuing education requirements for licensees. Carter Alleman at


The House Study Committee on Law Enforcement Perspectives on the Drug Epidemic and Its Impact on Families will meet September 3 to discuss the jurisdictional challenges the epidemic has created for law enforcement. Stephen Hellier at


The Senate Committee on Human Services will hold a public hearing September 3 to discuss the implementation of the Balancing Incentives Program and recently passed legislation about Medicaid fraud. Patrick Gallaher at

The Austin City Council will meet September 3 to conduct a budget work session. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Salt Lake City Council will meet September 2 to hold discussions about the Mayor’s recommended budget relating to the city’s capital improvement program. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Health Reform Oversight Committee will meet September 3 to discuss implementation of Act 48, an act relating to a universal and unified health system. Meghan Pudeler at


The Seattle City Council will meet September 2 to consider an ordinance regarding the zoning code governing the production, processing, selling or delivery of marijuana. [Agenda] William Higgins at


The Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Interim Committee will meet September 4 -5 to discuss workers’ compensation premiums and licensing of massage therapists. Meghan Pudeler at