Groups Report

April 2015 Highlights

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Mid-Year Meeting | April 23-24
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Stateside Contact: Mark Anderson at

The Mid-Year Meeting theme is ―Communication for Changing Environments.

ASTSWMO President and Waste Program Manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Mike Forbeck will open the meeting on April 23. Speakers include U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus and ASTSWMO Past President Ryan Benefield. A session on April 23 entitled Community Based Social Marketing has been scheduled along with a session entitled Utilizing Social Media.

A joint Brownfields, CERCLA, Federal Facilities, and Hazardous Waste session on Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) cleanups has been scheduled. The Tanks subcommittee will also meet to discuss two case studies from Arkansas’ successful Tanks Program. Lastly, the Materials Management subcommittee will hold a closed session on coal combustion residuals.

Program break-outs will continue in the afternoon of April 23. A joint Brownfields, CERCLA, and Tanks session entitled Petroleum Brownfields and Site-Redevelopment will take place, as well as a Federal Facilities session entitled Partnering at Federal Facility Cleanup Sites. Program roundtables have been scheduled for the morning of April 24. The Mid-Year Meeting will adjourn before noon.

More information will become available at:,%202015%20MYM%20Agenda%20(4-3-15).pdf


Leadership Announcement
Committee on Suggested State Legislation Deadline | April 24
Stateside Contact: Heather Williams at

CSG’s Executive Director, David Adkins, was recently named as Chair of the Big Seven (7). The Big Seven (7) is the group of non-partisan, non-profit organizations representing state and local officials, including International City-County Management Association (ICMA), National Association of Counties (NACo), National League of Cities (NLC), National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), National Governors Association (NGA), U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and CSG.

The Executive Directors and senior staff of the Big Seven (7) meet regularly to discuss federal, state and local collaboration, policy and emerging issues and governing best practices affecting all levels of government. The groups regularly weigh-in on federal issues that impact state and local governments. David Adkins is a former Kansas state legislator and the first CSG Executive Director to hold this position with the Big Seven (7).

The deadline to submit Docket items for consideration by CSG’s Committee on Suggested State Legislation (SSL) has been scheduled for April 24. The Committee will meet in conjunction with the CSG DC Meeting June 18-21 in Washington, D.C. CSG’s 21st Century Foundation will also meet at this time.

In addition to legislation submitted by state officials and staff, CSG Associate program members may submit legislation for consideration on the SSL Docket by that deadline.


Energy Exports Summit | May 6
Washington, D.C.
Stateside Contact: Steve Arthur at

The CWAG will host a one day Energy Exports Summit on May 6 facilitated by the Energy Independence Coalition.

The draft agenda includes discussions on U.S. policies concerning domestic energy exports and the role of states’ attorneys general in international export issues. U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz has been invited as a guest speaker.

The following sessions have been planned for the Summit:

  • The Demand for International Energy Exports
  • Legal and Regulatory Restrictions on International Energy Exports
  • Do International Energy Export Restrictions Make Sense or Should They Be Eliminated?
  • Can Technology Eliminate Concerns Related to Fossil Fuels
  • Role of State Attorneys General in International Energy Export Issues
  • Legal Issues Related to State Restriction of Domestic Energy Imports

The full tentative agenda and more information is available at: