TellTale Social Media Monitoring

Here is a NEW fact of life for state government relations.

State legislators are Tweeting.

State legislators are posting on Facebook.

State legislators are using these social media platforms to reach constituents, the media and advocates.

Total number of State Legislators
State legislators with Twitter accounts
State legislators with Facebook accounts

The Stateside Associates Advantage

Through these channels legislators broadcast their opinions, plans, observations, concerns, frustrations and hopes – unfiltered and unedited.

The words “gold mine” come to mind.

But, as with mining for gold, mining for this information takes time, planning and knowing where to dig. With more than 7,300 state legislators, you need to have the infrastructure in place to capture quickly the relevant issue information.

Enter Stateside Associates and our unique social media monitoring service, TellTale. Designed to be flexible and scale from monitoring specific legislators and a single issue in one state to multiple issues in all fifty states, this service includes analysis of the platforms used, the sentiment expressed and the level of users’ influence. Additionally, we present the context in which the conversations are happening, the volume and trends over time.

Before long, no one will imagine conducting state bill tracking or state legislative monitoring without TellTale.

Combining our client, issue and jurisdiction expertise with a deep understanding of social media, we deliver reports that are targeted, timely and politically astute. We work with clients to understand these reports and execute on strategies to counter negatives and amplify positives.

For additional information and sample TellTale reports, please contact Tim Riordan at or call (703) 525-7466.