State Legislative Tracking and MonitoringExcellent information and perspective will continue to be at the heart of any successful state and local government affairs program.

Anything less is a handicap.

Stateside Associates designs and delivers unmatched state legislative tracking services for issue managers. And, Stateside information – unlike all other firms – provides clients with the critical element missing from all other state legislative tracking services: perspective.

The Stateside approach, methodologies, staff professionals, delivery options and unmatched staff support are all aligned with the needs and expectations of state and local government affairs managers.

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The Stateside Associates Advantage

Here is how Stateside does it:

Four, discrete Legislative Monitoring Teams – each covering 55 jurisdictions for a selected group of issues – provide Legislative Monitoring information to clients about bill introductions, amendments, floor proceedings, interim committees and other legislative actions.

Each team is comprised of 4 or 5 Legislative Associates each of whom gained prior experience on staff in a state legislature – a requirement for the position. Each Associate monitors 13 or fewer jurisdictions. All other Legislative Monitoring services assign just one or two staff members to monitor all 50 states.

Each Legislative Associate receives extensive training about clients, client issues and the states they monitor. Prospects for the passage of pending bills and emerging issues are assessed via on-going contact with state legislators, legislative staff, governors’ staff, executive branch officials, industry association staffs and local issue experts. All training materials and protocols are available for client inspection and input.

Political or Outlook information is derived from regular communications with over 4,000 state contacts. These contacts yield information about upcoming amendments, the likelihood of committee consideration, the potential for a gubernatorial veto and much more. Prospective clients gain from our insight, which helps them align resources with real threats or opportunities.

Resources & Methodology

One cannot monitor and report about something that one does not understand. Period.

Therefore, effective State Legislative Monitoring requires issue knowledge, state knowledge and client knowledge.

At Stateside Associates, issue expertise, state expertise, client knowledge and robust use of many information resources are hallmarks of the Legislative Monitoring service.

Here are some other key elements of Stateside’s service:

  • All monitored bills are checked daily for committee action. Hearing Alerts are sent to clients in advance of all published hearings.
  • Priority bill Alerts are sent via email alerts to the client and the client’s iStateLinkSM web portal is updated with the same information simultaneously.
  • Bill summaries are written in-house and customized for each client based on a complete reading of the text.
  • Current bill text is attached to each bill report. Previous bill versions and amendments are also linked whenever available.
  • Stateside’s extensive staff of Legislative Associates are available to respond to client needs for additional information or assistance – at no additional charge.
  • iStateLink is the most dynamic web portal in the market for the delivery of custom Legislative, Regulatory and Local Government Monitoring information. Dynamic maps, an interactive calendar for tracking hearings and the ability to link client documents to reports are just a few of the many features.

There are many more service elements to share. For more information and a virtual tour of iStateLink, please contact Michael Behm at or call (703) 525-7466.