Accurate, Fast, Affordable – those are the attributes clients seek when they determine that they need special research.  Stateside Associates specializes in producing Special Research Projects that satisfy all three.

Accurate – Stateside Associates ensures the accuracy of Special Research by applying the same discipline used for its Legislative and Regulatory information services.  The most important step is ensuring that the scope of work is clear.  Sometimes a sample of the work product is produced to ensure that all aspects of the project – including the format – are approved by the client before the work begins.  Accuracy is verified with reference resources and citations and in-state contacts are provided to facilitate client follow-up.

Fast – Information is a major part of the business of Stateside Associates.  The firm’s success as an information provider is derived from its discipline, experience and extraordinary professional staff.  Both Legislative and Regulatory personnel are assigned to Special Research Projects as appropriate.

Affordable – When research projects comprise many states and localities, the volume of work itself can require many hours of effort.  By establishing clear goals upfront and utilizing experienced staff and managers, time investments are minimized.

The Stateside Associates Advantage

Below are a few examples of Special Research Projects completed by Stateside Associates:

  • 50-State Analysis of Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing Standards
  • 50-State Summary of Food Packaging and Processing Requirements
  • Research into state and local stormwater permitting requirements and fees in Florida, Georgia,  North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia
  • Analysis of both state and local restrictions on secondary event ticket sales in three southeastern states
  • 50-State Analysis of Nutritional Supplement Requirements
  • 50-State Summary of Chemical Spill Reporting Requirements
  • 10-State Summary of Wind Energy Incentive Programs
  • Policy and political Analysis of pharmaceutical and medical device marketing restriction activity in Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont, West Virginia and the District of Columbia
  • 50-State Analysis of Dental Plan Licensing Requirements
  • 50-State Summary of Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements
  • 50-State Summary of Telecommuting Programs
  • 50-State Summary of Open Burning Requirements
  • 50-State Summary of municipal waste and recycling laws
  • Review and Analysis of consumer credit regulation and licensing requirements in California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York and Texas
  • 50-State Summary of regulations and statutes restricting composite and resin products
  • 50-State Summary of land use, open space and conservation statutes, regulations and state policy
  • 50-State Analysis of major air emission source requirements