Compliance PROFILES

“What is the Law?”

At some point, everyone involved with state government affairs asks this question.

When your need is based on compliance or issue management objectives, and your task involves multiple localities or a multistate approach, compiling, summarizing and updating state strategies can be a major undertaking.

Equally challenging is the issue of distribution – how to get a useful resource into the hands of everyone who needs it.

Stateside Associates specializes in creating customized reference resources covering federal, state and local laws and regulations. The company has created these Compliance PROFILES for retailers, chemical companies, petroleum companies, insurance companies, electronics manufacturers, electric utilities, trade associations and the United States Navy and Army.

And, Stateside Associates has solved the distribution problem by making the Compliance PROFILES available via the internet in secure, client-specific sites that can be accessed by one person or hundreds.

Compliance PROFILES Features

  • Customized summary of relevant statutes, regulations, agency guidance and enforcement practices as they affect the clientAll Compliance Profiles are easily digested summaries that directly address client issues. The summaries also contain the name of the agency of jurisdiction, regulatory contact information, statutory and regulatory citations, and hyperlinks to the full text.
  • Prepared by Stateside’s Regulatory Counselattorneys with experience in researching local, state and federal laws. Regulatory Counsel are staff attorneys who perform the research through a combination of legal analysis and discussions with the regulators.
  • Customized iStateLinkSM web portal retains all Compliance PROFILES. Clients have anytime access to a customized iStateLink web portal that is searchable by any combination of state, issue and regulatory status. These searches can be generated into a .pdf or excel format report for distribution to colleagues. Further, the portal is compatible with all tablet computers, allowing for easy use when out of the office.

Sample Compliance PROFILES

To learn more about Stateside Associates’ Compliance PROFILES, please contact Mark Anderson at or call (703) 525-7466.

Client Quotes

“Stateside Associates created a valuable resource for our members – an internet portal featuring easy-to-read summaries of regulatory requirements in all 50-states. AAPPO’s Compliance Portal was online quickly because Stateside’s Regulatory Counsel really understand our issues. And, they are always available to help me answer questions from my members.”
Karen L. Greenrose - Executive Director, American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations
“The ATM Industry Association is constantly striving to make ATMIA membership an indispensable tool in navigating the increasingly complex landscape of compliance and regulation. Small financial institutions and independent ATM operators typically don’t have the resources to do that on their own.  Stateside Associates has worked closely with us to create a multifaceted solution that meets our members’ needs; within the financial constraints of a non-profit trade association’s budget.”
David Tente - Executive Director, USA, ATM Industry Association