Regulatory Issue Management means influencing public policy within the executive branches. Typical challenges include proposed regulations, enforcement priorities and practices, and requests for new statutory authority.

Regulatory Issue Management can also mean impacting federal legislative and regulatory activities through grasstops efforts with state and local officials through state regulatory advocacy.

Being effective in Regulatory Issue Management requires special preparation and execution.

Stateside Associates helps clients successfully advocate to achieve state and local regulatory policy goals in a variety of ways:

  • Strategic Consulting
    Managing and influencing regulatory issues can be complex. State regulators may be responding to legislation or even federal policy directives that do not match the facts on the ground in their regulated industry. Knowing what is driving state regulatory policy and which stakeholders are impacting discussions is critical to making sure that after our regulatory advocacy efforts, the positions of our clients are reflected in a final rule. Stateside Associates advises our clients when and how they can be best positioned to affect policy changes. While early involvement is often key to success, knowing where you are in the larger policy conversation is essential.
  • Policy Responses
    Successfully responding to regulators requires procedural knowledge: where regulators are in the process and how much flexibility they have in pursuing their regulatory objective. Further, responding to regulators requires the ability to speak expertly about the issues at hand. Stateside Associates develops testimony and commentary with our clients, effectively and substantively engaging issues to achieve positive regulatory policy.
  • Lobbyist Identification and Management
    There are situations when sitting down with a regulator explaining how a rulemaking or guidance document impacts a company is an effective way to work out a problem. At other times, the politics of an issue, agency, commission or board require an approach that recognizes the complexity of the situation. In those instances Stateside Associates can assist our clients in identifying the right lobbyist for the circumstance and make sure that it is managed effectively
  • Grasstops
    Using high level state and local officials to communicate can be very effective in impacting federal legislation or rulemakings. Stateside Associates can assist with all aspects of a coordinated grasstops campaign, including mapping states to legislators and state agencies to federal agencies, developing the message, and executing the outreach campaign.

To learn more about Stateside Associates’ Regulatory Issue Management services please contact Mark Anderson at or call 703-525-7466 ext 225.