regulatory-affairsRegulatory Forecasting is a unique service providing clients with early stage customized monitoring of emerging state and local regulatory activity. The Regulatory Forecasting process begins by alerting clients to regulatory initiatives when they are in the discussion phase, prior to formal publication in a state register or website. Once identified, each issue is actively monitored until the rule or guidance is published as final and effective.

Regulatory Forecasting is performed by experienced regulatory attorneys who are deeply familiar with state administrative procedure and the specific issue interests of our clients. And, extensive follow up support is included in our fees to ensure that clients are well prepared to make critical operational and issue management decisions with this intelligence.

Stateside Associates
Regulatory Counsel
Rulemakings monitored per
Stateside client (average)
Average Weeks from Regulatory Forecasting Alert
to publication of Draft Notice

The Stateside Associates Advantage

The main features of Stateside Associates’ Regulatory ForecastingSM are:

Early warning information based on discussions with regulators and by reviewing the upcoming agendas of board and committee meetings. Identifying potential rulemaking activity at this earliest stage—prior to a formal register notice—allows our clients the opportunity to become involved at a point when intervention can be most impactful.

Provided by Stateside’s Regulatory Counsel—attorneys with detailed knowledge of the regulatory process. Stateside’s attorneys have the experience to understand how regulatory activity will impact our clients, how the process will unfold and where our clients will have an opportunity to influence the process.

Regulatory Forecasting includes a clear description of the rulemaking process and customized summaries of regulatory activity with the specific client questions highlighted. Customized summaries and descriptions of process allow our clients to quickly know the rulemaking trajectory and understand the content of the rulemaking without having to read the entire rule draft.

Customized iStateLinkSM web portal retains all Regulatory Forecasting information. Clients have anytime access to a customized iStateLink web portal that is searchable by any combination of state, issue and regulatory status. These searches can be generated into a .pdf or excel format report for distribution to colleagues. Further, the portal is compatible with all tablet computers, allowing for easy use when out of the office.

Unlimited access to Stateside Associates’ Regulatory Counsel for follow-up. Stateside’s team of Regulatory Counsel are ready to help clients with a deeper dive into all aspects of the rulemaking and its process.

Stateside also offers the Regulation ALERT service, a context-based review of State Registers and their equivalents for notices of proposed rulemakings.

For pricing and other information about Stateside Associates’ Regulatory Forecasting and Regulation ALERT, please contact Mark Anderson at or call (703) 525-7466.