Staying abreast of Public Utility and Service Commission activity is uniquely challenging. Rulemaking activity is often buried within dockets of administrative cases, requiring hours of research to find and analyze a single rulemaking.

Stateside Associates’ Customized Monitoring Services can help your company manage Public Utility and Service Commission activity.

Stateside Associates, the leader in customized state and local information services, can identify with Public Utility and Service Commission activities important to your company.

With Stateside Associates’ Public Utility and Service Commission Monitoring you will receive notices about:

  • Industry-wide rulemakings
  • Rate cases
  • Transmission siting cases
  • Adjudication of company-specific cases that could have broader policy implications on issues such as renewable portfolio standards and smart grid requirements

Team of Regulatory Professionals at Your Service

Stateside Associates’ Regulatory Counsel (attorneys who specialize in performing this research) contact regulators directly with inquiries about agency activity. They also monitor websites, board meetings, dockets, and state registers in order to stay abreast of agency events. The Stateside process is intended to provide you with the earliest notice of rulemaking activity–and we never rely on keyword searches.

With each regulatory notice, you will receive a customized summary of the rulemaking. To help you navigate the rulemaking process, each regulatory notice will also contain a description of the promulgation process and notice of the next action. Each regulatory notice includes a state regulator contact, citations and links to all relevant documents.

All of your information is contained in a customized iStateLinkSM portal – a secure web-based portal that allows you to sort the information in a variety of ways. Important information is alerted to you (and others in your organization) via email.

Public Utility and Service Commission Monitoring is available for a fixed per-state annual fee based on the scope of work. Only one annual retainer per client organization is required. As with all of Stateside Associates’ monitoring services, full access to our expert staff for follow-up questions about the rulemakings and process is included in the service.

For a demonstration of Stateside Associates’ Public Utility and Service Commission Monitoring contact Mark Anderson at