Hiring a Lobbyist

Stateside Associates makes qualified lobbyist referrals at no charge to our clients.

For over 27 years, connecting our clients with the right lobbyists has been a core mission of our firm.

Stateside begins by understanding our client’s need. Killing bills, ongoing representation, regulatory advocacy and public sector sales support are among the reasons why a lobbyist may be needed.

Lobbyists have different strengths and talents. For each client engagement, Stateside takes a fresh look at each potential firm to ascertain their current capability, current capacity, experience, style, clients, social media profile and ethics compliance record. Conflicts are checked and cleared before a recommendation is sent to the client.

As Issue Managers, Stateside professionals have worked with state and local lobbyists every day for over 27 years. They know what questions to ask the clients and the prospective lobbyists. And, they know how to evaluate all of the information in order to make the best recommendations.

All Stateside clients – for consulting, issue management, Groups or monitoring services – receive lobbyist referrals at no additional charge. There is never any commission, fee-splitting or other compensation to Stateside Associates from the client or the lobbyist. Each engagement typically results in 2-3 lobbyist referrals.

Brokers sometimes claim that clients pay nothing for their services because they receive a percentage of the fee clients paid for the lobbyist. These firms take a percentage of lobbyist retainer fees ranging from 10% to 30%.

Stateside Associates is not a lobbyist broker, does not “mark-up” lobbyist fees billed through it and operates in a fully transparent manner with respect to all lobbyist and client relationships.

The LobbyUSA Network

Stateside maintains regular communications with over 400 state and local lobbying firms nationwide via its LobbyUSA Network. Lobbyist firms pay no fee to participate in this network, but keep Stateside updated about their practices and clients. In return, LobbyUSA Network firms receive regular Stateside reports and other information. Referrals are not limited to members of the LobbyUSA Network.