Issue Management & Consulting Case Studies

Grasstops Support for Federal LegislationStateside’s strategy led to the procurement of a Governors’ sign-on letter with 36 signatures and the passage of additional funding legislation.

Led State Regulation and Licensing Initiative for Health Care Client - Stateside’s effort resulted in increased visibility of client licensing issues on professional board agendas, which led to favorable rule amendments.

Manage State Government Relations Program for Health Care Manufacturing CoalitionDue to Stateside’s work the coalition has increased its profile among state officials and has been successful in defending against legislation adverse to its industry.

Passed Legislation to Correct Antiquated Restrictions on Marketing of “Out of State” HomesNew laws supported by the client were passed after Stateside was retained to manage a project to change the remaining state laws and make home buying easier.

Supporting Outreach Efforts to Native American CommunitiesWhile the outreach efforts are ongoing, due to Stateside’s work many strained relationships with specific leaders have been bridged, tensions over high profile issues in two states have been reduced, additional communication channels with community leaders have been created and several industry champions have been developed.