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The intersection of government and business creates opportunities and threats that may not always be clearly visible. Framing those possibilities with skill and effectiveness is “Issue Management” – the art and science of influencing public policy.
Clients retain Stateside Associates for help in building, managing and sustaining effective state and local government affairs programs. Stateside’s approach is to be knowledgeable about its clients and issues, as well as hands-on and creative.

Stateside recognizes the considerable challenges of simultaneously managing legislative and regulatory issues in multiple jurisdictions – whether those jurisdictions are at the state or local level of government.

Stateside Issue Managers are government affairs practitioners. Stateside manages programs and coalitions; routinely coordinates advocacy efforts and issue campaigns; serves in leadership roles in organizations of state officials and hires and guides clients’ lobbyists walking the halls of the state capitols.

Please visit Stateside’s Case Studies page to see how Stateside has made a difference for its clients.

Stateside Issue Management Services include:

For more information about Stateside Associates’ Issue Management services, please contact Constance Campanella at or call (703) 525-7466.